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The world's best TV.

Watch mysteries, dramas & comedies from all over the world.

FREE 7-day trial, then just $7.99/mo.* or $89.99/yr.*


Available in the U.S. & Canada.¹

The world's best TV.

Watch mysteries, dramas & comedies from all over the world.

FREE 7-day trial, then just $7.99/mo.* or $89.99/yr.*


Available in the U.S. & Canada.¹

What isMHz Choice?


2,500+ hours of binge worthy episodes!

Presented in the language of originwith easy-to-follow English subtitles.

What isMHz Choice?

2,500+ hours of binge worthy episodes!


Presented in the language of origin with easy-to-follow English subtitles.


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MHz Choice is a streaming service featuring new and exclusive international mysteries, dramas and comedies—unedited with easy-to-read English subtitles. For a low monthly fee of $7.99/month or $89.99/year, watch any title available in our sizable catalog whenever you want! No commitment, cancel anytime. Available in the U.S. & Canada!

Below are the prices for an MHz Choice subscription after a free trial period:

United States (in USD)

  • $7.99/month
  • $89.99/year

Canada (in CAD)

  • $9.99/month
  • $111.99/year

Click here for details on U.S. and Canadian sales tax.

You can VIEW ALL series currently available on MHz Choice at the link below. Be sure to click SHOW MORE at the bottom of each page.

All of the above series are also available on all MHz Choice partner platforms such as Amazon Prime, Cox Contour, The Roku Channel Premium and Xfinity X1.

You can find the MHz Choice premiere schedule at the link below:

MHz Choice Premiere Schedule

You can purchase MHz Choice gift subscriptions at the link below:

MHz Choice Gift Subscriptions

**On the left side of the page above, you will see the option to “Gift This Subscription- 1 month subscription for $7.99”. Click on that option and a drop down menu will appear. You will then be able to select the length of the subscription you would like to purchase. **

You can contact MHz Choice Support at the link below:

Contact MHz Choice Support

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heather speirsheather speirs
13:50 03 May 22
MHZ is our go-to channel for the best mysteries from Europe. It feels like we’re traveling to Italy, Germany, France and Sweden on a regular basis. Don’t let the subtitles scare you off: after a week or two, you won’t even notice!
Linda cpLinda cp
14:47 26 Apr 22
I discovered MHz many many years ago. I am partial to shows from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia but love also those from so many other countries. When a series ends, if it was good enough, I watch the whole thing again. I love this viewing option in a world with too many choices. This sets the bar high.
MaryTess CrottyMaryTess Crotty
16:24 15 Mar 22
MHz is phenomenal. I watch primarily the French language shows. They add episodes regularly, the episodes are often long (1.5hours) and their newsletter introduces new episodes. I love the wit, the cinematography, and humanity of these stories. The best value of all the channels I stream! Keep it up, MHz and thank you.
Alex BrunelAlex Brunel
14:15 15 Mar 22
I absolutely love this channel. Getting the chance to watch top-tier European TV is a huge relief when compared to all the advertising-paid sludge now on prime time in the USA. Of course you have to pick and choose -tastes differ, after all - but I have never regretted the small pay-out for MHz choice.A great selection of new and not-so-new European programs and worth every penny.
joan petersjoan peters
12:55 01 Feb 22
Found MHZ choice when I couldn’t get the whole series of A French Village elsewhere. Stayed on because they have a huge variety of languages for all the mysteries I love. It also forces me to watch the TV and not do three things at once because I need subtitles. I generally choose French because I occasionally can understand what they’re saying but all the choices are great. Also gives me a peek into the culture of France and I adore France.
*Prices in USD.
¹Some series not available in Canada.