It wasn’t long ago when crime dramas and murder mysteries were limited to the likes of Matlock and Murder She Wrote. While those programs of yesteryear are still well loved, they can be seen as precursors to modern crime dramas, especially those of the international variety.

Times have evolved when it comes to entertainment. Viewers are now empowered to embark on a crime drama world tour, exploring the very best of what the genre has to offer across borders and cultures. MHz Choice is here to take you on that journey. We are the premiere destination for international TV including the world’s best murder mystery shows. Check out our massive catalog of crime shows, drama shows and more, relax on the couch and you’ll escape into an entertainment paradise. Part of the appeal of watching international series is that they expand horizons, providing an unparalleled opportunity to discover new content.

International murder mystery shows and crime dramas also provide viewers with the opportunity to learn about new cultures from the comfort of home. Take a dive into crime dramas, sprinkle in a few murder mystery shows and you’ll find these genres are appreciated by people around the world for good reason. Viewers across the globe soak up the drama highlighted by plot twists, discoveries and elements of intrigue with all sorts of educational cultural references added in for good measure.

The Best International Crime Dramas Streaming on MHz Choice

MHz Choice is your go-to destination for international crime dramas. As listed here, our catalog of dramas and mysteries highlighted by The New York Times are garnering considerable fanfare across the world. Below, we provide a quick look at the top global crime shows available in our catalog.

Sourced from all different parts of the world, each of our programs has unique cultural influences and characteristics. Whether you are interested in content from Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Italy or France, we’ve got it all, presented in the language of origin with easy-to-follow English subtitles. For select titles on MHz Choice, versions dubbed in English are available to stream.

Read or at least skim through the writeups and you’ll find a plethora of countries and cultures represented in our entertainment selections. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new drama, a mystery, investigative shows or those focused on other elements of the human experience, we’ve got something for you. Without further ado, here’s the inside scoop on the top international crime dramas available through MHz Choice.


Alice Nevers, a product of the rich French entertainment scene, takes viewers on an epic journey spanning multiple seasons. The show centers on Alice, a long-time investigator with a passion for justice. Alice and her cop partner, Fred, work in tandem to solve crimes. This series, like all series on MHz Choice, is presented to viewers with easy-to-read subtitles.

Take the ride through murder mysteries and intrigue with this criminal prosecutor and you’ll explore crime scenes, solve puzzles and learn about France’s unique criminal justice system.


Despite being set in Vienna, Austria, this German crime drama is part of the Germany’s iconic Tatort franchise, and is the longest running collection of series in Germany’s history! Tatort: Vienna centers around Lieutenant Colonel Moritz Eisner and Major Bibi Fellner.  Before teaming up, both detectives spent the better part of their careers working alone in their respective divisions. They then become specialists for the Austrian Interior Ministry, allowing them to investigate crimes in Vienna and beyond.

Once you get attached to Moritz and Bibi, you can continue discovering more great German detective duos and murder mysteries in the six additional Tatort series MHz Choice has available to stream.


Arguably the most iconic example of Nordic Noir, and one of the all-time best series from Denmark, The Killing embodies the mood and tone of what people love about Scandinavian crime series. Inspector Sarah Lund, played by the amazing Sofie Gråbøl, puts her retirement plans on hold when a teenage girl’s body is found in a car with ties to a mayoral candidate. Each season follows a different murder case, with each episode covering 24 gripping hours of investigation.

The complete series is available to stream on MHz Choice. You can watch the original subtitled production or dubbed in English.


This Swedish crime drama features Rolf Lassgård as a Stockholm police officer knee-deep in criminal drama. Set in the northern extreme of frigid Sweden, The Hunters focuses on a recently retired Stockholm police officer investigating crime including murder. Lassgård’s character returns home to live alongside his brother near Finland.

The drama begins with an investigation of wanton deer poaching in the local community. Two competing camps develop after the deer hunters’ rifle confiscation, escalating the drama into tangents no one could have predicted. The TV series is a spinoff of the original film that was one of the top box-office hits in Sweden’s history.


Imma Tataranni stars Vanessa Scalera as the title character, a workaholic deputy prosecutor with a prodigious memory who solves the cases entrusted to her with unorthodox methods and attitude to spare. Filmed throughout the stunning Basilicata region of southern Italy, the show is based in the ancient city of Matera, famous for its Sassi district of hillside cave dwellings (lamione) dating back thousands of years.

What makes Imma Tataranni  unique is not just her sharp wit. Viewers get to experience the history and culture of Matera, Italy over the course of the show including the incredible meals Imma makes as a way of relieving stress.


The atmosphere of Arctic Circle is extra chilly. The stunning backdrop of Finnish Lapland, an ethereal and rarely seen part of the world, combined with the multilayered, suspenseful storyline makes this series one of a kind.

In the first season, Arctic Circle has an unusual twist when a criminal investigation widens to include a deadly contagious virus. Officer Nina Kautsalo finds a dying woman in a small Finnish village only to find out she’s infected with a lethal virus. The case becomes a race-against-time thriller, as Nina partners with virologist Thomas Lorenz to stop a killer while tracking a virus before it becomes a full-blown pandemic. Each of the next two seasons tackle a different gripping case set against the clock.


Lioness follows Samantha Hugo who we meet as she is released from prison ten years after being framed for fraud. Without her home or custody of her children, she pieces together a complex puzzle left behind by her husband before his death. The stakes for Samantha are high as she struggles to make up for lost time with family and prove her innocence.

This series is a short and tight ten episodes on MHz Choice, but time goes by quickly as you devour the storyline. Each episode of this limited series reveals a wider mystery full of surprises.


This French mystery series is set in stunning sun-drenched Martinique. The two lead detectives, Mélissa Sainte-Rose and Gaëlle Crivelli are the ultimate odd couple as the series follows their detective work and hard-earned friendship. Mélissa and Gaëlle learn to rely on each other even in the toughest circumstances, which aren’t always at work. In addition to stopping drug kingpins and murderers, they also deal with broken hearts, teen-age children and ghosts from their past.

MHz Choice is Your Passport to the World

Expand your horizons beyond the American drama stalwarts of Breaking Bad, Law and Order and NCIS, round your edges with the addition of some new international crime dramas and you’ll find a treasure trove of great series to watch.

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The world of wonder that is French entertainment is a couple of clicks away. Discover the beauty and intrigue of France for yourself through the country’s most acclaimed dramas and mysteries available on MHz Choice.

Start by exploring our catalog of French detective series and crime dramas, take the plunge with a free trial and you’ll be whisked away into an entertaining escape that broadens your cultural sensibilities.

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