It wasn’t long ago when crime dramas were limited to the likes of Matlock and Murder She Wrote. While those programs of yesteryear are still well loved, they can be seen as precursors to modern crime dramas, especially those of the international variety.

Times have evolved when it comes to entertainment. Viewers are now empowered to embark on a crime drama world tour, exploring the very best of what the genre has to offer across borders and cultures. MHz Choice is here to take you on that journey. We are the premiere destination for international TV including the world’s best murder mystery shows. Check out our massive catalog of crime shows, drama shows and more, relax on the couch and you’ll escape into an entertainment paradise. Part of the appeal of watching international series is that they expand horizons, providing an unparalleled opportunity to discover new content.

International murder mystery shows and crime dramas also provide viewers with the opportunity to learn about new cultures from the comfort of home. Take a dive into crime dramas, sprinkle in a few murder mystery shows and you’ll find these genres are appreciated by people around the world for good reason. Viewers across the globe soak up the drama highlighted by plot twists, discoveries and elements of intrigue with all sorts of educational cultural references added in for good measure.

The Best International Crime Dramas Streaming on MHz Choice

MHz Choice is your go-to destination for international crime dramas. As listed here, our catalog of dramas and mysteries highlighted by The New York Times are garnering considerable fanfare across the world. Below, we provide a quick look at the top global crime shows available in our catalog.

Sourced from all different parts of the world, each of our programs has unique cultural influences and characteristics. Whether you are interested in content from Sweden, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Italy or France, we’ve got it all, presented in the language of origin with easy-to-follow English subtitles.

Read or at least skim through the writeups and you’ll find a plethora of countries and cultures represented in our entertainment selections. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new drama, a mystery, investigative shows or those focused on other elements of the human experience, we’ve got something for you. Without further ado, here’s the inside scoop on the top international crime dramas available through MHz Choice.


Alice Nevers, a product of the rich French entertainment scene, takes viewers on an epic journey spanning multiple seasons. The show centers on Alice, a long-time investigator with a passion for justice. Alice and her cop partner, Fred, work in tandem to solve crimes. This series, like all series on MHz Choice, is presented to viewers with easy-to-read subtitles.

Take the ride through mystery and intrigue with this criminal prosecutor and you’ll explore crime scenes, solve puzzles and learn about France’s unique criminal justice system.


This German drama, part of the country’s iconic Tatort franchise, centers on Klaus Borowski, a police investigator who solves criminal cases with the assistance of his partner, Sarah Brandt. The drama mostly takes place in Germany’s city of Kiel.

Follow along as Borowski delves deep into unsettling crime scenes, taking viewers along on a journey of justice, redemption as Klaus struggles to answer his own question, “What makes criminals different from normal people?”. The twist is Borowski is severely lacking in social graces.


Set in one of the most vibrant and spectacular cities in the world, Barcelona Crime stars Clemens Schick (Andor, Das Boot) as the idiosyncratic inspector Xavi Bonet. Xavi is joined by single mom Fina Valent (Anne Schäfer, Marnow Murders), a tenacious investigator in her own right but her move to Barcelona is not without its own challenges when her teenage daughter Maria starts seeing a much older man. Barcelona Crime, a German production, has emerged as one of the most popular Spanish entertainment series. The show centers on the ongoing battle against the increase in violent street crime ranging from muggings to murders and all points in between. The drama plays out across the Catalan and Barcelona metropolis, sprawling out to the suburbs and sometimes beyond.

Tag along on these puzzling crime mystery adventures, try to solve them before the show’s protagonists and you’ll have a blast while learning that much more about the law and human nature. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more intriguing homicide team to follow in the quest to put evildoers behind bars for good.

<h3>The Hunters</h3>


This Swedish crime drama features Rolf Lassgård as a Stockholm police officer knee-deep in criminal drama. Set in the northern extreme of frigid Sweden, The Hunters focuses on a recently retired Stockholm police officer investigating crime including murder. Lassgård’s character returns home to live alongside his brother near Finland.

The drama begins with an investigation of wanton deer poaching in the local community. Two competing camps develop after the deer hunters’ rifle confiscation, escalating the drama into tangents no one could have predicted. The TV series is a spinoff of the original film that was one of the top box-office hits in Sweden’s history.


The Octopus, a global phenomena that ran for more than a decade, starting in the 80s and extending into the aughts, is a dark and entertaining Italian Mafia thrill ride. The series centers on the conflicts between police and a worldwide network of criminals centered in Sicily. Few mafia thrillers compare to this epic ride.

The icing on the cake is the award-winning, riveting soundtrack created by none other than Academy award-winner Ennio Morricone. The Octopus, or La piovra in Italian, is considered by critics and fans alike to be the standard bearer by which episodic crime-dramas are measured.


Alex is an ex-convict who now works as a cop, albeit a morally corrupt one. Alex’s character has considerable depth as he is also a family man living a seemingly normal middle-class life in Sweden. Alex is raising a child, Simon, in a regular suburban neighborhood yet he also has a dark, drug-loving side. Alex makes his money through a local crime network’s shady dealings. Everything seems dreamy until a street meeting becomes a shootout that ends tragically.

Alex’s life is in shambles by the end of the first season. However, the character’s plummet to the bottom is incredibly entertaining for viewers. Give Alex a try and you’ll be hooked from the start of this gripping drama.


The Informer centers on Aylin Tezel, a carefree Berlin resident poised to launch a career as a police officer. Set in Germany, this drama offers intrigue as Aylin is embarking on a career in justice that deeply contrasts with her rough-and-tumble past. She receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to erase her record of misdeeds after being recruited to serve as an informer.

Aylin attempts to win the trust of a drug smuggler named Musab. The Berlin law student moonlights as an escort to finance her education. This side gig leads to a violent attack, ensuing self-defense and a possible half-decade prison stay that makes Aylin’s transition to law enforcement that much more dramatic.

This miniseries is a short but sweet watch on MHz Choice, at a runtime of two 90-minute episodes.


Follow Cathrin Blake in this German crime drama and you’ll learn all about the intuition of psychologists. Blake investigates crimes throughout Galway, taking on cases with her husband Liam. The law enforcement tandem takes a turn for the worse when Liam vanishes. Cathrin works to discover her husband’s fate as the series unfolds.

Mix in the fact that some of Cathrin’s clients appear to be linked to ongoing criminal cases and the drama is heightened all the more. Jaw dropping plot twists unfold when ghosts from Cathrin’s past reappear.

MHz Choice is Your Passport to the World

The best art, including TV and cinema, are characterized by irreverence for convention. Expand your horizons beyond the drama stalwarts of Breaking Bad, Law and Order and NCIS, round your edges with the addition of some new international crime dramas and you’ll find a treasure trove of content.

MHz Choice’s international crime drama catalog is complete with everything viewers want and then some. Check out a couple of our international crime dramas for yourself and you’ll be hooked. The best part is our library is diverse, featuring an expansive selection of dramas, murder mysteries and more.

Take a look at the variety of our shows for yourself with our no-commitment 7-day free trial and we promise you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Discover France and the World with MHz Choice

The world of wonder that is French entertainment is a couple of clicks away. Discover the beauty and intrigue of France for yourself through the country’s most acclaimed dramas and mysteries available on MHz Choice.

Start by exploring our catalog of French detective series and crime dramas, take the plunge with a free trial and you’ll be whisked away into an entertaining escape that broadens your cultural sensibilities.

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