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What isMHz Choice?


2,500+ hours of binge worthy episodes!

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Presented in the language of originwith easy-to-follow English subtitles.

What isMHz Choice?

2,500+ hours of binge worthy episodes!

mhz choice main branding spiral mont hivju promo 8 1920x1080 1

Presented in the language of origin with easy-to-follow English subtitles.


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MHz Choice is a streaming service featuring new and exclusive international mysteries, dramas and comedies—unedited with easy-to-read English subtitles. For a low monthly fee of $7.99/month or $89.99/year, watch any title available in our sizable catalog whenever you want! No commitment, cancel anytime. Available in the U.S. & Canada!

Below are the prices for an MHz Choice subscription after a free trial period:

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  • $7.99/month
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MHz Choice can be watched with a subscription on the web, iOS and Android mobile devices as well as on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs and on XBOX gaming consoles.

MHz Choice is also available as an add-on subscription via Prime Video Channels*, Xfinity X1 On-Demand*, The Roku Channel Premium*, YouTube Primetime Channels* and Cox Contour On-Demand*.

* Separate subscription required.

You can VIEW ALL series currently available on MHz Choice at the link below. Be sure to click SHOW MORE at the bottom of each page.

All of the above series are also available on all MHz Choice partner platforms such as Amazon Prime, Cox Contour, The Roku Channel Premium, YouTube Primetime Channels and Xfinity X1.

You can find the MHz Choice premiere schedule at the link below:

MHz Choice Premiere Schedule

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David WDavid W
05:26 08 Jan 23
Absolutely LOVE MHz Network!! My Amazon subscription to MHz gives me access to great French-language TV series, movies, etc. Many excellent shows to choose from & in just about every European language: Danish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and many more! Absolutely worth the modest subscription price!!
Mildee VetterMildee Vetter
00:42 15 Dec 22
If it were not for MHz, our family would have gone nuts during the pandemic. We always looked forward to watching something new from MHz. We have learned a lot about various countries around the word while being wonderfully entertained. Thank you for your fabulous and varied programing. Will never give it up!
Ramata EllerRamata Eller
15:37 16 Oct 22
I have been a subscriber for years and enjoy watching quality international content, mostly mysteries but also documentaries, comedies, etc... I used to watch it for free on public television back in the day. You can also pause your subscription if you're not going to use it for a while and the customer service is very responsive. Support local!
Marie MoffittMarie Moffitt
14:56 10 Sep 22
MHz Choice is great, with something for everyone! For the language(s) I speak fluently, I can vouch for the subtitles, which usually manage to catch things like tone while accurately conveying content - no small task. Bit by bit, MHz Choice has become the streaming service I watch most and it's less than half the cost of most others. It's a great way to see the world through entertainment!
01:22 07 Sep 22
I love the wonderful international programing on MHz. There is something there for everyone from comedy to drama. The programing is excellent and the shows well made. If you're tired of the insipid and preachy U.S. shows and just want to be lost in quality entertainment, then I highly recommend MHz.
Candace CaddellCandace Caddell
18:54 23 Aug 22
If you want comedies, dramas, mysteries, or documentaries from a wide variety of countries, MHz Choice is for you. The scenery is stunning and the content is great. The English captioning is exceptionally good. You cannot beat the price for so much amazing entertainment!
Michael ReillyMichael Reilly
18:37 23 Aug 22
There are many excellent TV shows from various countries around the world MHz has a good selection of some of the best of these. MHz updates the shows and episodes monthly so there is always a new show or episode to discover. It is interested to see the various show reflect the culture of their countries. The video quality is excellent. The subtitles are well done.
Martin KledzikMartin Kledzik
14:32 13 Jul 22
Wow. What great offerings. The captions are current language and easy to see, yet don't obscure the view. A whole new world of detectives and mysteries are now available. Great selections. Now I only need a few more hours in my day.
Wayne RyersonWayne Ryerson
14:47 05 Jul 22
I have subscribed for years. I love their foreign mystery shows, especially the dark Scandinavian ones. There were a lot of very good Italian as well. I am not as much a fan of the silly French mysteries. One of my favorite shows, was a comedy, a German show called Crime Scene Cleaner translated. The British version was unwatchable it was so bad. This is the only streaming service I still use.
margaret hawkinsmargaret hawkins
17:43 01 Jul 22
Ive enjoyed most of th shows I’ve had the pleasure of watching and intend to keep up my membership to access these high quality productions. The Art of the Crime is an example of an extremely well constructed plot combined with talented and intelligent cast members. My hope is for another wonderful season with these fascinating characters and the great Paris Louvre setting.
jan lundejan lunde
01:45 25 Jun 22
The most amazing foreign series, all beautifully subtitled. So many choices, but the French Village was fabulous, as is Beck, Gloria, and so many more. Great police dramas (French: Spiral) (Sweden:Beck) cannot get enough
Connie PryorConnie Pryor
22:15 22 Jun 22
MHz offers Intellectually stimulating and thought provoking mysteries and documentaries. The range of shows is so creative--family mysteries like Magellan in which an experienced detective is raising daughters on his own and solving non-graphic crimes,; creative shows like the Art of Crime set at the Louvre where the leading lady sees the artist in her mind that the theft is about; Bulletproof Heart, which features a sharp, aging journalist whose daughter , also a talented writer, returns to his life. And of course--the first version of Professor T, in which a brilliant and devilishly handsome autistic crime professor teams up with the Belgian police to solve crimes. Also, the scenery is always wonderful----from my home, I have to Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, Belgium, etc., even during the two years of the pandemic! Keep up the AMAZING work, MHz. You are the best!!!
Marilynn SladeMarilynn Slade
12:17 19 Jun 22
This is by far my favorite channel. They have an amazing array of choices. I strongly prefer European actors as well. They focus on acting and not makeup, clothing, and posturing.
Paco SmithPaco Smith
13:58 14 Jun 22
My wife and I have enjoyed many European TV series but we have always had to hunt for them (with great difficulty). We discovered MHZ choice and have watched many series new and great series. Thanks MHZ
Charles FarleyCharles Farley
01:52 08 Jun 22
The absolutely best choices for international TV. I am European andso enjoy watching the wonderful selections MHZ has made available.Subtitles are fine and I think they help you learn languages better becausesometimes they are not quite accurate and you can pat yourself on theshoulder and say "Oh yes. this is not exactly what was meant". Thank youso very much for the fine choices you have made available.
Harvey KingHarvey King
16:26 17 May 22
Wonderful foreign programs are found here.. My favorite ones are the French detective series but so many are good from so many countries. I highly recommend MHz TV.
constance mattoxconstance mattox
12:18 17 May 22
I love watching these movies/ video from the international scene. They are engaging humorous and provide a relief from ordinary television. I would love to view Asian movies/ videos, from countries such as Korea, Japan, south east Asia. Please consider adding these genres to your listings.
heather speirsheather speirs
13:50 03 May 22
MHZ is our go-to channel for the best mysteries from Europe. It feels like we’re traveling to Italy, Germany, France and Sweden on a regular basis. Don’t let the subtitles scare you off: after a week or two, you won’t even notice!
Linda cpLinda cp
14:47 26 Apr 22
I discovered MHz many many years ago. I am partial to shows from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia but love also those from so many other countries. When a series ends, if it was good enough, I watch the whole thing again. I love this viewing option in a world with too many choices. This sets the bar high.
MaryTess CrottyMaryTess Crotty
16:24 15 Mar 22
MHz is phenomenal. I watch primarily the French language shows. They add episodes regularly, the episodes are often long (1.5hours) and their newsletter introduces new episodes. I love the wit, the cinematography, and humanity of these stories. The best value of all the channels I stream! Keep it up, MHz and thank you.
Alex BrunelAlex Brunel
14:15 15 Mar 22
I absolutely love this channel. Getting the chance to watch top-tier European TV is a huge relief when compared to all the advertising-paid sludge now on prime time in the USA. Of course you have to pick and choose -tastes differ, after all - but I have never regretted the small pay-out for MHz choice.A great selection of new and not-so-new European programs and worth every penny.
joan petersjoan peters
12:55 01 Feb 22
Found MHZ choice when I couldn’t get the whole series of A French Village elsewhere. Stayed on because they have a huge variety of languages for all the mysteries I love. It also forces me to watch the TV and not do three things at once because I need subtitles. I generally choose French because I occasionally can understand what they’re saying but all the choices are great. Also gives me a peek into the culture of France and I adore France.
*Prices in USD.
¹Some series not available in Canada.

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