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03janAll DayAlice Nevers - Season 1NEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

10janAll DayLe CodeNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

10janAll DayInspector Rex - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

17janAll DayBerlin LegalNEW SERIESCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

24janAll DayBarcelona CrimeNEW SERIESCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

31janAll DayMongeville - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

31janAll DayGrassrootsNEW SERIESCategoriesSouth Africa,Afrikaans,Drama


07febAll DayAlice Nevers - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

07febAll DayLove In... - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Drama

14febAll DayIrish CrimeNEW SERIESCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

21febAll DayThe Swan Company - Season 1NEW SERIESCategoriesItalian,Italy,Drama

28febAll DayInspector Rex - Season 3NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama


07marAll DayHidden TheoriesNEW SERIESCategoriesPortugal,Portuguese,Drama

14marAll DayAlice Nevers - Season 3NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

21marAll DayThe TravellerNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

28marAll DayMoney Murder Zurich - Season 3NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Mystery


04aprAll DayHomicide Hills - Season 1NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

11aprAll DayAgent Hamilton - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesSweden,Swedish,Crime Drama

11aprAll DayMaigret (UK) - Season 1NEW SERIESCategoriesUnited Kingdom,Maigret (UK),Mystery

18aprAll DayImma Tataranni - Season 3NEW SEASONCategoriesItalian,Italy,MysteryActorsVanessa Scalera,Cesare Bocci

25aprAll DayMurderous MemoriesNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

25aprAll DayInspector Rex - Season 4NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama


02mayAll DayNona and her DaughtersNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Drama

02mayAll DayMaigret (UK) - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesUnited Kingdom,Maigret (UK),Mystery

09mayAll DayThe Swan Company - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesItalian,Italy,Drama

16mayAll DayHomicide Hills - Season 2NEW SEASONCategoriesGerman,Germany,Crime Drama

16mayAll DayAlice Nevers - Season 4NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

23mayAll DayUnclaimedNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

30mayAll DayMaigret (UK) - Season 3NEW SEASONCategoriesUnited Kingdom,Maigret (UK),Mystery

30mayAll DayUnder Law and GraceNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,Crime Drama

30mayAll DayMovie of the Week - Season 5NEW SEASONCategoriesFrance,French,Movie of the Week,Mystery

30mayAll DayMovie of the Week: Who Will Take Care of Jacques? (501)NEW FEATURECategoriesFrance,French,Movie of the Week,Drama


06jun3:35 pmMonterossiNEW SERIESCategoriesItalian,Italy,Crime DramaActorsFabrizio Bentivoglio

06jun3:35 pmWhat Pauline Is Not Telling YouNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,DramaActorsOphélia Kolb,Pierre Arditi

06junAll DayMovie of the Week: Family Business (502)NEW FEATURECategoriesFrance,French,Movie of the Week,Drama

13jun3:35 pmAgatha Christie's Criminal Games: The '70sNEW SERIESCategoriesFrance,French,MysteryActorsEmilie Gavois-Kah,Chloé Chaudoye,Arthur Dupont