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Martin Beck

Martin Beck
Martin Beck was an outstanding detective, one of the best, for many, many years. Since his retirement, he’s been spending some time with his daughter, Inger, and his grandson, Vilhelm, and a lot of time with Valdemar… his Neighbor! Little surprise, then, that when the offer comes to return to the world of police work in a new role, he practically jumps at the chance – despite Inger’s protests.

Steinar Hovland
An accomplished investigator from Norway, Steinar’s laid-back manner belies his killer drive as a cop. At work he sees himself as a foot soldier and not a leader – a do-er, not a delegator. Steinar brings with him the baggage of a semi-complicated home life – two young kids with his wife, plus a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

Alex Beijer
Formerly of Interpol and the Swedish Security Service, Alex is a highly experienced officer who first meets Steinar in her role as the Swedish police liaison in Amman, Jordan. (He’s there on a case; she speaks Arabic.) A fun and breezy repartee gives way to conflict when both apply for the same job as Beck’s new team leader. Who will Martin choose? Watch the new episodes to find out.

Oskar Bergman
Oskar, a valued member of the team since Season 3, has grown into an increasingly confident investigator. His home life is kind of a mess these days – he’s separated from his wife, Petra, and he misses his daughter, Emma. He values his friendships with his colleagues, particularly Steinar and Jenny.

Ayda Çetin
Ayda’s unique mix of skills – she’s a trained social worker as well as an IT specialist – makes her an ideal fit for the team. This is especially the case now, since Martin’s retirement and subsequent promotion means they’re one person short. Thus, Ayda not only gets to research cases and “talk the facts” in meetings – she sits in on interrogations and even ventures out into the field on occasion!

Jenny Bodén
No longer the quiet and shy rookie of past years, ambitious Jenny takes an increasingly vocal and active role on the investigative team. Her demanding career, plus taking care of a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, leaves her no time for a personal life, but she’s OK with that for now. She especially values her strong friendships with Ayda and Oskar.

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