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A killer believes they’ve committed the perfect crime. We know “whodunnit” – we’ve seen it happen. And we know the investigators will catch the culprit; the question is how? What flaw will they find in the murderer’s Machiavellian plan? That’s the deceptively simple set-up to the supremely entertaining Gallic mystery anthology Perfect Murders, which proved a perfect hit with French TV audiences when it premiered there in 2017. Formulaic, sure, but it’s a formula we love when done right – and here it certainly is.

Of course, half the fun comes from the investigators themselves – each characterful detective duo gets a handful of episodes to strut their stuff, and each team brings their own unique spin to the police work. The first two episodes feature Isabelle Gélinas (Les Chamois) as the eccentric, free-spirited Captain Agnes Berthaud, and Arthur Mazet (The Hundred-Foot Journey) as fresh-faced Lieutenant Thibaud Demazières. The interplay between these two is ridiculously fun – the hippie-dippie Agnes constantly opening the straitlaced young rookie’s eyes with her far-out views on cell phones, microwaves and polygamy – in between calls from Thibaud’s mom checking up on him! By contrast, the next two episodes are led by a more down-to-earth duo: Antoine Duléry (Larosière in The Little Murders of Agatha Christie) as lone-wolf, motorcycle-riding Inspector Delaunay and Elisa Ruschke (Love Is Dead) as by-the-book Laura Mizon, each playfully busting the others’ chops while tackling cases. Familiar faces in subsequent episodes include a trio of actors from that other uber-popular French mystery series: Philippe Caroit (Murder In… La Rochelle) as Superintendent Damien Roche, Julie Ferrier (Murder In… Aix Island) as Captain Louise Bonne and Isabel Otero (Murder in… Aix Island, Maussane, Tours, etc.) as Inspector Claire Moreno. Yes, there’s a definite Murder In… vibe throughout, with varied locations and guest stars galore: Samuel Labarthe (Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games), Bruno Debrandt (Spiral, Cain), Franck Adrien (Speakerine, The Returned), Bruno Solo (Blood on the Docks, Grand Hotel) and many, many others.

Guest Star Extravaganza!

There’s joy to be had watching veteran performers cut loose and have fun with the premise: Smug criminals thinking they’ve covered all their bases, viewers trying to guess how the cops will crack the murderer’s ingenious plot – and, at the end of each episode, the ultimate satisfying “Eureka!” moment as the detectives reveal that vital last clue – one that had been hiding in plain sight the whole time!

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