Ready for an Italian female superhero, played by Spanish supermodel Vanessa Incontrada? New Italian mystery series Captain Maria (Il Capitano Maria) coming to MHz Choice!

Premiering September 7, 2021

Meet Captain Maria (Vanessa Incontrada). She may not be a superhero exactly, but she does seem ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound – with long, beautiful hair flowing.

Maria Guerra takes a new job as police captain in her hometown of Puglia on the luscious Adriatic Coast for a couple of reasons: to bring peace to her troubled family and to investigate her husband’s death, quietly on the side. He was a family court judge who died a mysterious death – perhaps after making a decision someone didn’t like?

Captain Maria has a lot on her plate – besides looking into her husband’s death, she has a teenage daughter Luce (Beatrice Grannò), who never saw trouble she didn’t jump into with both feet. And there’s her adorable younger child, Riccardo (Martino Lauretta) who amiably walks into trouble because he doesn’t know any better. And you’ve got the fact that Puglia is a town torn by vicious gang strife – involving trafficking with kids.

Anyone who’s watched Italian dramas for very long knows the minute a helpless bambino shows up, it’s heartstring-pulling time and a cue for someone with maternal instincts to show up. Enter the good Captain!  On her first day, she’s driving the beat with the mobile squad and sees a school-aged urchin (Zaid Roumani) on the loose.  The boy sees them and runs away towards the sea. Captain Maria will not let go of the chase. Some first day on the job!

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