At times in the United States there is a lag in new television shows. Whether you have seen everything on your watch list or looking for something new to discover, there’s a whole world of international TV waiting to be seen.

MHz Choice has a catalog of the best international dramas, mysteries, thrillers and more. Take a trip across the pond without leaving your living room and try something new, immersive and exciting.

Exploring Underrated European TV Shows on MHz Choice

There are a lot of hidden gem TV shows out there, but sometimes it may feel like you’ve exhausted your options on other streaming services. MHz Choice gives you a whole new pool of amazing content to choose from, all available on-demand for a single low subscription price. 

New European shows and movies are added all the time, including new seasons of fan favorites. 

There are so many great unknown  TV shows available to watch; you just have to know where to find them. These shows deserve to be found and given the chance they deserve, allowing actors, directors, and producers from those destinations to find themselves appreciated on the big screen – even if that big screen is just in your family room.

To further help you discover these hidden gems, we’ve unearthed some of our personal favorites in the list below!

Cherif: Crime-solving with a Unique Perspective


Let’s start with Cherif, a six-season long-running mystery series about Captain Kader Cherif. Based in the stunning city of Lyon, France, get to know Cherif, a brilliant and eccentric detective who handles intriguing cases that will keep you guessing. This show consists of a bit of tongue-in-cheek drama with a side of witty humor. Start watching and settle in for the long haul; you’ll be addicted and won’t want this show to end. All episodes are streaming now on MHz Choice.

La Porta Rossa: Supernatural Mysteries in Italy


Finding a solid supernatural thriller is a lot harder than it should be, and we want to spread the word about the hidden gem that is La Porta Rossa. This Italian crime thriller features a Trieste cop who has a vision of the future moments before his death, which forces him to stay on Earth to find his killer. The mystery series consists of 24 episodes divided into two seasons. The unlikely premise has a solid fan base amongst those who love its’ supernatural elements, gripping mysteries, and atmospheric storytelling. Give it a couple of episodes and you’ll see why.

The New Nurses: Heartwarming Danish Drama


Based in Denmark, The New Nurses takes place in a Danish hospital in the 1950s, but that’s where the story line changes, because the hospital is trying something never done before: training men to be nurses. Over five seasons, you’ll get to know its compelling characters while appreciating the engaging narratives that draw you into the cast and the developing storylines. It’s an insider’s exploration of healthcare in the 1950s and the evolution of gender roles and societal norms within Scandinavia and beyond. If you like a taste of history and a period piece that still feels remotely modern, The New Nurses is another hidden gem to put on your must-watch list.

A Dark, Dark Man: Intriguing Crime Noir


If you start naming countries that you’ve seen featured in TV shows or movies, Kazakhstan doesn’t normally make the list. The critically acclaimed A Dark, Dark Man will change that and make you wish this underappreciated backdrop got far more attention.

A Dark, Dark Man is defined as a film noir series based on murders that expose deep corruption in a remote and stark Kazakh community. Its setting is appropriately dark yet alluring, but it is the complex characters and thought-provoking storytelling that will draw you in. This miniseries only has four episodes, but it hits hard and fast. There are only so many ways to extend a story line, and some shows know exactly when to quit before the suspense and intrigue wanes. A Dark, Dark Man nails it, all the way to the finish line.

The Undertaker: Quirky Crime Solving in Germany


This show is the first show in the German language to make this list, but The Undertaker is most definitely a hidden gem out of a whole slew of other European shows we could tell you about. You may not be able to name too many other shows that take place in this gorgeous country, but this Swiss series is an underground hit full of pure action. The Undertaker is a seven season thrill ride focused on an ex-cop turned undertaker who investigates strange deaths in Switzerland. It has an unconventional protagonist, and its dark humor has acquired a large group of dedicated fans, in addition to the undertaker’s unique approach to investigations. This show is edgy, dark and perfect for a weekend TV marathon.

Magellan: Engaging French Detective Series


Ready for a fun ride with a not-so-typical French detective? This series is about Inspector Simon Magellan, an unassuming detective who unravels crimes and mysteries in the fictional town of Saignac, situated in France. What makes Magellan a little different from the normal detective in famous crime shows is that his primary focus is his two daughters; you’ll come along as he solves mysteries while coping with day-to-day parenting struggles. Magellan is charismatic, loving, and appealing; pair his unusual approach to crime solving with the gorgeous landscape of Bordeaux, and maybe a glass of wine, and you’ll be glad there are four seasons worth of time to spend with your new favorite detective.

The Killing: Iconic Nordic Noir


Arguably the most iconic example of Nordic Noir, The Killing embodies the mood and tone of what people love about Scandinavian crime series. Inspector Sarah Lund, played by the amazing Sofie Gråbøl, puts her retirement plans on hold when a teenage girl’s body is found in a car with ties to a mayoral candidate. Each season follows a different murder case, with each episode covering 24 gripping hours of investigation. All three seasons are available to stream now on MHz Choice in both its original version (Danish with English subtitles) and dubbed in English.

Expand Your Streaming Watchlist with Hidden Gems

The next time you don’t know what you want to watch, peruse the MHz Choice catalog. Click on some genres or nontraditional countries you may have never considered before and let our comprehensive catalog of quality entertainment help guide you to find a type of show or theme you’ve never considered before.

Pick a country and dive in. You may even improve your language skills! One of the best ways, and maybe one of the easiest ways, to learn a second – or third! – language is by immersion. Every single MHz Choice television show or movie, whether it’s a crime drama, documentary, or mystery, is presented in its native language with easy-to-follow English subtitles.

Need more recommendations of underrated TV shows? Check out this list of NYTimes recommended series, all available on MHz Choice! This list covers the gamut of European TV show options, from old-school crime stories to the 80s in Amsterdam to the reformation period. It’s inclusive of all genres and is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to the platform.
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