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About Season 2

What to say about Acquitted Season 2 that won’t spoil anything? The answer is, not much. Suffice to say, Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 leaves off and things… happen from there. If Season 1 emphasized the “Drama”, then Season 2 leans more heavily on the “Crime” aspect, at least on the surface. There’s a return to the courtroom, and a renewed emphasis on evidence procurement and legal process – but not at the expense of character. The dramatic threads of Season 1 are picked up on and amplified here, developed further with twists and character reveals you won’t see coming from miles away… but which all seem perfectly logical in hindsight.

All the main characters from Season 1 are back, and there are two new faces in the mix: former Game of Thrones actor Amrita Acharia takes on Aksel’s case as public prosecutor Amina Sahir, and Trond Espen Seim, best known as Varg Veum and more recently as Prime Minister Michael Woll in Mammon Season 2, joins the cast as unconventional defense attorney Otto Haudeman. It’s a lot of fun watching Trond Espen play scenes with his Mammon Season 2 co-star Ingar Helge Gimle, here returning as the increasingly conflicted William Hansteen. And then, of course, there’s Nicolai Cleve Broch as Aksel Nilsen. When Aksel says “Everybody lies all the time” he certainly isn’t exaggerating. Everybody does lie all the time – the only question is, who’s best at lying?

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Aksel Borgen
Born and raised in a small village on the west coast of Norway, businessman Aksel Borgen (formerly Nilsen) lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Married to Angeline, a corporate lawyer, and facing the challenge of raising their 16-year-old son, Tim, Aksel’s personal and professional bliss is interrupted one day when he receives a phone call from his hometown of Lifjord – somewhere he hasn’t set foot for over 20 years

Eva Hansteen
Eva is the stern but fair boss of Solar Tech, the high-tech energy firm that is the economic lifeblood of the small village of Lifjord, Norway. Married to wealthy, semi-retired investor William and mother to Lars, Eva effectively sees herself as the corporate mother of the Solar Tech community as well. So when global market forces conspire to threaten the existence of the company, William is forced to take drastic measures to ensure its survival – and Eva is faced with a dilemma.

Erik Nilsen
In stark contrast to his globetrotting brother, Erik has spent the last 20 years living at home with their ailing mother, Mai-Britt, and carrying on a secret affair with local girl Åse. An enthusiastic snowboarder, Erik harbors dreams of starting his own alpine gear business, but doesn’t have the first clue about how to get started. When Aksel returns to Lifjord after all those years, Erik understandably feels jealousy and resentment toward his estranged brother.

Otto Haudeman
Haudeman is Norway’s most famous defense attorney – irreverent, flamboyant and always good for a sound bite or five. He takes the Hansteen case for the same reason he takes all his cases – money and publicity, not necessarily in that order. Nevertheless, behind the bluster lies an extraordinary legal mind. If outside the courtroom Haudeman can seem like an egotistical blowhard, inside he’s focused, razor sharp and more than a match for even the most experienced prosecutor.

Tonje Sandvik
Tonje is the brilliant research scientist spearheading a technological breakthrough in Solar Tech’s R&D department. She and Aksel go way back, to high school, in fact, and she still secretly harbors feelings for him. Tonje is also the one witness who provided Aksel with the key alibi in his murder trial all those years ago – but was she truthful in her testimony?

William Hansteen
Patriarch to not only the Hansteen family but also the entire village of Lifjord, it’s been years since William handed over the day-to-day running of Solar Tech to his wife, Eva. Now semi-retired, he still has a vested interest in the company’s success. So when international market forces conspire to threaten massive layoffs, and even the continued existence of the company, William takes the drastic decision to make a late-night phone call to Kuala Lumpur for help.

Angeline Borgen
Wife to Aksel, mother to 16-year-old Tim and a high-flying attorney specializing in international law, Angie is one woman who works hard to have it all. She learned years ago that if she wanted to be with Aksel, she’d have to accept that he didn’t want to talk about his family or his past. That all changes with one fateful phone call, and before long prodigal son Aksel is back in Lifjord  – and Angie is learning the terrible truth about Aksel’s secret past.

Amina Sahir
Amina is an ambitious young public prosecutor who sees the Hansteen case as a way to boost her career. She has some kind of a past with defense attorney Otto Haudeman, and asks for his advice before she agrees to prosecute the case. Shortly afterwards, she’s shocked to learn that Haudeman has agreed to represent the defendant!

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 * Due to distribution limitations, this program is only available to stream within the U.S.