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Move over, Irene Huss and Johan Falk… there’s a brand-new detective in Gothenburg! Inspector Winter now streaming on MHz Choice!

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Magnus Krepper as Inspector Erik Winter

Magnus Krepper (The Bridge) stars as Inspector Erik Winter in this Scandi Noir based on author Åke Edwardson´s bestselling novels about the dedicated, yet tormented Swedish investigator. Edwardson is one of Sweden’s most widely read authors and is a three-time winner of the Swedish Crime Writer Academy Award for Best Crime Novel. His first Inspector Winter book was published in 1997, and translated into English in 2009. This series is based on four of Edwardson’s novels, split across eight episodes: ‘Beautiful Country’, ‘Room No. 10’, ‘Almost Dead Man’ and ‘The Last Winter’.

Unlike some other Swedish detectives, Erik Winter has managed to keep his family together. It helps that his wife, Angela, is a doctor, so they both make allowances for each of their equally demanding careers, while at the same time raising their two young daughters, Elsa and Lilly. His family provides a refuge for him, away from work where he is constantly faced with the darkest secrets of the human psyche. Never satisfied with just solving crimes, Erik Winter’s motivation goes much deeper – he wants to understand. But, in this series, sometimes solving a mystery just leads to more unanswered questions…

Playing the title character is veteran actor Magnus Krepper, probably best known to MHz Choice viewers as social worker Stefan in the first season of The Bridge. He also had memorable guest-starring roles in The Inspector and the Sea (‘The Dying Dandy’, as Inspector Anders’ romantic rival, Knut) and in the Costa del Sol episode of Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter (‘A Place in the Sun’). Annika star Malin Crépin shows up as a rookie cop in the Inspector Winter finale, which coincidentally also filmed scenes in the popular Swedish crime fiction destination of Costa del Sol, Spain!

Other familiar faces appearing in guest roles include Danish superstar Kim Bodnia (Martin Rohde in The Bridge), Dag Malmberg (Johnny Blom in Irene Huss, Saga’s mentor Hans in The Bridge) and Marie Richardson (Wallander: The Original Episodes, Johan Falk). Peter Andersson (Johan Falk’s villainous Leo Gaut) switches sides to co-star as Inspector Winter’s quiet yet trusted deputy Bertil Ringmar, as does Jens Hultén (gang leader Seth Rydell in Johan Falk, unfiltered homicide detective Fredrik Halders in Inspector Winter!)