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Murders at Barlume, an Italian series that will definitely quench your thirst for both mystery and comedy, now streaming only on MHz Choice!

From the producers of Detective Montalbano comes Murders at Barlume, a colorful series of quirky Italian mysteries based on the novels by Marco Malvaldi! Set in the idyllic beach resort town of Pineta on the beautiful Tuscan coast, the show stars Filippo Timi as Massimo Viviani, the recently-divorced owner of the local watering hole, Barlume. Massimo loves puzzles of all kinds, and his sharp mind comes in handy as he frequently finds himself moonlighting as an amateur detective, solving strange crimes along with the gossipy gang of eccentric septuagenarians who frequent his establishment.

Filmed on the magical island of Elba, Murders at Barlume is an irreverent mix of twisty mystery, outlandish comedy and Italian charm. The series began with two 90-minute TV movies in 2013, followed by four more in 2015 and 2016.


Meet the Barlume Gang

A former mathematician who got lucky, won the lottery and bought himself a bar. Not so lucky in his personal life, as his ex-wife would attest to.

Barlume’s long-serving waitress and de facto manager. She keeps Massimo in line and the business running.

Massimo’s uncle and a retired railway worker. The life of any party, and self-proclaimed God’s gift to women.

An ex-mailman of upright character. His motto is “me first.” Lives with his sister, who wishes she lived alone.

The owner of Boccaccio, an extremely expensive (his fellow Barlume regulars would say “overpriced”) seafood restaurant. The entrepreneur of the gang.

An ex-city clerk and a dieting disaster. The overweight intelligence chief of the group – he gets all his scoops from his wife! Also, one heck of a dancer.

Massimo’s former father-in-law and a latecomer to the gang. A fish seller, card shark and practical joker extraordinaire.

The local detective who doesn’t suffer fools, or Massimo, easily. Massimo is strangely attracted to her, which doesn’t sit well with Tiziana!

On a sad note...

On a sad note, the veteran Italian actor Carlo Monni, who played Massimo’s uncle Ampelio, passed away in 2013 following production on the first two installments of the series. His passing is duly noted as the third episode begins with the funeral of his character, and later in the episode Ampelio is given a hilarious (and unforgettable) send-off – watch out for the scene where Massimo and Tiziana open his uncle’s “gift”!

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