In case you’re wondering if you’ve seen some of the actors from The Young Montalbano in the Detective Montalbano episodes, you probably have. Here are some of the most notable:

Andrea Tidona
Actor Andrea Tidona, who plays retired police officer Carmine Fazio in both seasons of The Young Montalbano, (Andrea 1) also appeared as the murderous drug lord in Detective Montalbano‘s “The Sense of Touch.” (Andrea 2)

0000 andrea

Dario Veca
In The Young Montalbano‘s “The Honest Thief”, the bar manager is played by Dario Veca (Dario 1) – who also played the sleazy site foreman in Detective Montalbano‘s “August Heat.” (Dario 2)

0001 dario

Gaetano Aronica
Gaetano Aronica plays the bike thief in The Young Montalbano‘s “The Honest Thief,” (Gaetano 1) and you might recognize him from Detective Montalbano‘s “August Heat” as the construction inspector frustration by corruption. (Gaetano 2).

0002 gaetano

Giovanni Argante
Giovanni Argante plays a gullible john in The Young Montalbano‘s “The Honest Thief”, (Giovanni 1) and he put in a memorable performance in Detective Montalbano‘s “Turning Point” as the ambulance driver involved in human trafficking (Giovanni 2).

0003 giovanni

Guja Ielo
Most wonderfully, there’s veteran Sicilian actress Guja Ielo. In The Young Montalbano‘s “The Settlement,” she plays the girlfriend of the murdered doctor,(Guja 1) and you probably remember her from the very first episode of Detective Montalbano, “The Snack Thief,” in which she played the widow Lapecora. Who could forget her exchange with Montalbano, set to a tango score? – (see clip below)

0004 guja