U.S. Premiere! Uwe Kockisch (Donna Leon’s Brunetti) returns in a brand-new season of the acclaimed German drama The Weissensee Saga – premiering April 19th exclusively on MHz Choice! Set behind the Iron Curtain in 1980s East Berlin, this popular series stars Kockisch as Hans Kupfer, a Stasi general whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with Julia Hausmann, the daughter of a dissident singer. Their courtship threatens the safety of both families, and sets into motion tumultuous events which play out over the course of the subsequent decade.

Season 2 picks up the story in 1987. Glasnost and perestroika are sweeping through the USSR, but the East German regime, threatened by these new policies of openness and reform, stubbornly refuses to change and clamps down even harder against artists, political dissidents and environmental activists. Martin has left the Volkspolizei and is estranged from his family, blaming his ambitious older brother Falk for betraying him and Julia. Julia has been languishing in prison for the past six years, convicted of treason for attempting to make contact with a West German journalist. Dunja, against her deepest convictions, is working for Falk as a Stasi informant in hopes of relieving her daughter’s prison conditions. And Hans Kupfer finds himself increasingly torn between his socialist ideals and the reality of the totalitarian system he helps perpetuate – a system which has destroyed his family.

Watch The Weissensee Saga now, and check out this exclusive MHz Choice interview with actor Uwe Kockisch below.