With an MHz Choice subscription, you can stream over 2,000+ hours of our programs whenever you like! BUT — have you ever wanted to “own” your favorite MHz Choice series? Now you can! Read on!

What’s this about? Why is there a “BUY” button on some of the series?
For select series, we’ve added the ability for customers to “own” the series. For an additional fee, you can purchase and download a series and save the digital file to your computer.

Purchase Buy Button

How do I purchase videos?
Go to the MHz Choice product page on our website and click on the program you wish to purchase. Purchasing individual videos from within any of the MHz Choice Apps (Android, iOS, Roku) is currently not available.

Is an MHz Choice subscription required to purchase videos?
Nope! For programs that we have rights to sell individually, non-MHz Choice subscribers can purchase programs à la carte without an MHz Choice subscription.

How can I watch programs I’ve purchased?

  • On the web -You can watch on the web by going to the MHz Choice product page.
  • iPads, iPhones – Download the free VHX iOS app here to watch your MHz Choice purchased videos on iOS devices.
  • Android Phones, Tablets – Download the free VHX Android app here to watch your MHz Choice purchased videos on Android devices.
  • Roku – Install the free VHX Roku Channel here to watch your MHz Choice purchased videos on your Roku device.
  • Apple TV – Install the free VHX Apple TV app here to watch your MHz Choice purchased videos on your 4th generation Apple TV. Click here for details.
  • ChromecastClick here for a detailed guide of how to watch your MHz Choice purchased videos on Chromecast.

Can I watch my purchased videos from within the MHz Choice Roku channel, iOS app or Android app (without downloading the VHX app)?

Not at this time. To watch your MHz Choice purchased videos you will need to download the appropriate VHX app (Android, Apple TV, iOS, Roku).

What “titles for purchase” on MHz Choice are currently NOT included in an MHz Choice subscription?
With only a few exceptions, nearly all of the MHz Choice catalog is included in an MHz Choice subscription. There are a few programs, however, that we do not have streaming rights for so they cannot be included as part of an MHz Choice subscription. These programs below are available only as individual purchases in addition to your monthly subscription charge:

Borgen – The Complete Series
Salamander –
Season 1
The Bridge
 – Season 1 | Season 2
The Eagle –Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3
The Legacy – Season 1
Unit One – Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3

What’s the difference between purchasing a video and ‘watching offline video’?
When you purchase a video, you own the digital file and can download the file to your computer as a personal asset. The process is very similar to buying a DVD in a traditional brick and mortar store. The fee for purchasing a video is not included in an MHz Choice subscription. Watching offline video allows you to download videos to your preferred mobile device to watch at a later date or time. Watching offline video is included in an MHz Choice subscription but you do not own the videos you download to your device. Click here to find out how to watch offline video.

What is VHX?

VHX is our video distribution partner based out of Brooklyn, NY. The MHz Choice website and apps are powered by their awesome technology.

Please note: MHz International Mystery On-Demand has been merged with MHz Choice. If you have the MHz International Mystery On-Demand Roku channel installed, please remove it from your Roku device.