The King starring Luca Zingaretti premieres March 26, 2024 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

San Michele is a frontier prison where director Bruno Testori (Luca Zingaretti: Detective Montalbano, Borsellino) applies his personal idea of justice. Within these walls, the laws of the state cease to exist: He is the Law. Ruthless when required, merciful when need be, Bruno identifies with his inmates and their lives off the rails, because like them – more than them – he too has been broken by life. To the point of killing.

And two murders – first of his best friend and commander of the prison officers, then of a lifer who was his main ally among the inmates – risk undermining his rule and bringing to the surface the cancer lurking in the recesses of his kingdom: a potential threat to the Western World.

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