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PARIS, FRANCE: Season 6 of Spiral (Engrenages) is currently shooting in and around Paris and MHz Choice recently had the unexpected honor of being invited to the set during production. If you’re as fanatical about this gritty series as we are, you’re probably dying to know what happened to Captain Berthaud (Caroline Proust) at the end of season 5? What we can tell is — well, nothing, because we don’t know! What we CAN say is this production team is extraordinarily talented and that season 6 promises to be as captivating as season 5 was. (Can we say, “repeat Emmy® for best international drama?”) 

The day we were on set the Spiral team was shooting an extraordinarily tense scene between actors Quentin Faure and Maxime Bailleul directed by Frederic Mermoud. Scroll through our pics below!

Spiral season 6 is tentatively scheduled for release on MHz Choice (U.S. only) in Spring 2018. Release date subject to change.