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French mystery series Tandem starring Astrid Veillon and Stéphane Blancafort returns for Season 2 on MHz Choice!

Tandem Season 2 has arrived to spice up your February! Screwball antics continue as Commander Léa Soler and Captain Paul Marchal try to hammer out their working relationship as criminal investigators for the larger Montpellier region. Oh, and raise their two teenage kids together. $64,000 question: will they ever get back together?

The new intel is that Paul’s kidnapping and rescue at the end of season 1 seems to have stirred up embers; whether they can overcome the wounds and grievances of the past remains to be seen. He’s still a wild card and follows leads without telling Soler and she’s still driven crazy by his independent streak and resents all the years he invested more in the job than family. Still, there was that kiss after his rescue at the end of season 1…

In this clip, they’re investigating a murder involving a young fisherwoman who worked on a trawler. Paul is easing back into work after his recoup from the kidnapping. Could that be a warm vibe between him and Léa?

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