French mystery thriller The Island of 30 Coffins based on the book by Lupin author Maurice Le Blanc premieres January 2nd, 2024 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

An intense, atmospheric mystery-thriller based on the classic novel by Lupin creator Maurice Le Blanc, The Island of 30 Coffins (Beta Films) begins with Christine (Virginie Ledoyen, Nona and Her Daughters, Captain Marleau) on her way back to her hometown on the island of Sarek. Christine’s reason for returning is as heartbreaking as the sequence of events she triggers upon her arrival are sinister. She left Sarek 15 years prior after the stillbirth of her son. Unexpectedly, she is sent a video from an anonymous source showing proof that her son survived his birth. The townsfolk of Sarek are not thrilled to see Christine return save for Stéphane (Stanley Weber, Dr. Blanche’s Clinic), the local policeman who still harbors feelings for (the now-married) Christine after all these years. Her inquiries into the events surrounding her son’s birth reveal a local prophecy with increasingly tragic results for everyone on the island…

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