Parlez-vous français? But do you watch in French?

You just might after watching a French detective series on MHz Choice. Kick back, relax, and take in a French crime drama with English subtitles and you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the French language and culture. MHz Choice is proud to bring you a wide variety of captivating French detective series and crime dramas. Take a look at our catalog of French entertainment and you’ll find at least one show that suits your fancy.

French crime dramas, mysteries, and detective shows often parallel those made in England as the two countries aren’t far apart on the map. Even if you aren’t interested in learning a word of French and simply want to be entertained, you’ll get exactly that with French dramas and mysteries. Take in the drama, mystery, and intrigue, let this romance language please your ears and the two contrasts will provide the perfect entertainment balance.

Though French TV shows, films, and shorts centered on crime drama and detective mysteries can be somewhat dark, the beauty and sophistication of French culture cannot be denied. Soak up the drama of murder mysteries and dramas set in Paris along with surrounding localities, round your cultural edges and you’ll have a new appreciation for everything French.

Let’s take a look at the top French dramas, mysteries, and more.


This French mystery series is revered for its eye-pleasing presentation of glorious French regions that most viewers in the United States and elsewhere have not seen. If you’ve ever wanted to visit France or simply take in the country’s beauty from afar, this is your opportunity to do just that.

Watch this murder mystery anthology and you’ll be exposed to the beauty of Paris and surrounding towns and cities. Murder In… has nine full seasons of episodes, each presenting a new French mystery in a visually striking region of France. As an example, the initial season of Murder In… presents mysteries in regions ranging from The Somme to Martigues, Fresange, Averyon, and Collioure. Murder In… is undeniably one of France’s most popular dramas, partially because each episode features a new cast and storyline, oftentimes jumping between scenic French locales such as Grasse, La Rochelle, Pyla and more.


This fictional French village dubbed “Villeneuve” tells the story of a French town about a century ago during WWII. The series is set in the year 1940 when Germany invades France, killing villagers and forcing the survivors to adapt to a new, brutal way of life. The New York Times declared A French Village as “the first major French television series seriously to address collaboration during the Nazi occupation in World War II.” It’s a profound and unsympathetic examination of humanity at its best and its worst.


It is no secret that Paris has its fair share of drama. Tag along for criminal investigations in Paris as the local police force dissects crimes from every angle, do some mystery solving along with them and you’ll feel as though you’ve taken a course in criminology.

Though Spiral has its dark moments, those moments are not without intrigue. The New York Times hails Spiral as “one of the best crime dramas around.” Put on your detective cap, obtain a better understanding of the human condition along with what motivates criminals and you’ll quickly agree Spiral’s critical acclaim is much deserved.


The Promise, written by Anne Landois of Spiral fame, debuted on France’s TF1 in 2020 and has gained considerable fandom ever since. The series occurs across two periods of time, showing how unsolved criminal cases impact law enforcement and the community as a whole. The Promise centers on Sara Castaing’s character, a police captain tasked with solving the French mystery of a child who has disappeared.

The investigation unfolds, revealing ties to another unsolved abduction from two decades ago. That abduction resulted in the loss of life of Castaing’s father. Tune in to watch the daughter-father relationship dynamics across two time periods and you’ll quickly understand why the series achieved record ratings across each of its half-dozen parts.


Magellan centers on Simon Magellan, an inspector who juggles his two teenage kids with the challenge of solving murders in Saignac, a lovely fictional French town rich in character. First known as Commissaire Magellan, the series has garnered considerable praise from entertainment critics as one of the best crime dramas of the modern era. Follow along as Simon delves into the details of crimes and mysteries throughout Saignac and you’ll immediately sympathize with this brave father of two teen daughters.


Alive Nevers is revered throughout France and beyond for good reason. Alice Nevers, a criminal prosecutor, is admired by French viewers and those around the globe for her courage and intellect. Soak up all the drama as Nevers and her partner, police Captain Marquand, solve crimes throughout Paris and you’ll be more than intrigued. The best part is each unique crime puzzle presented to law enforcement provides insight into overarching social problems of France and elsewhere.


Perfect Murders is exactly as it sounds: the perfect French mystery entertainment for viewers across the globe. The series centers on a murderer who believes he has committed an unsolvable crime, or in other words, the perfect murder! The series debuted more than half a decade ago yet it is still popular today and will likely hold strong for years to come. Attempt to solve the murder mysteries along with the Perfect Murders investigative cast and you’ll quickly agree this entertainment formula is balanced to perfection, pun intended.


Agatha Christie, the most famous mystery writer in the world, is praised for her prose. Christie’s writings are now translated to TV in Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games, a series of delightful feature-length French TV shows that reflect the drama and intrigue of Christie’s books. Even if you’ve already seen some of Christie’s novels adapted to TV in the past, you’ll find Criminal Games provides a fresh new perspective that slightly deviates from the French mystery writer’s works without losing her signature themes of mystery, intrigue, and justice.


Check out this French adaptation from the 90s and aughts and you’ll be glued to your TV. Featuring Bruno Crèmer in the role of investigator, Maigret spans nine seasons including 50+ episodes. The program is a spinoff of the books written by Georges Simenon, one of the world’s most famous authors. Maigret delves into the subtleties of mysteries ranging from identifying culprits to determining motives and ultimately helping viewers better understand the dynamics of the criminal mind.


The multiple seasons of French mystery series Tandem on MHz Choice tell the story of Commander Lea Soler, the new Montpellier police investigation head. Soler works hand-in-hand with her ex-husband, Paul Marchal, a cunning yet unpredictable officer of the law. Both are challenged with the responsibilities of raising teens while solving crimes. The twist is these law enforcers recently cut matrimonial ties from one another. Tune in to watch the crime fighting tandem work together after divorcing and you’ll find Tandem is one of the most entertaining dramas France has ever produced.

Recently Added French TV Shows

MHz Choice is proud to bring several new French TV shows directly to your living room. The recently released The Traveller and Mongeville are well worth checking out.

These two shows are only the tip of the iceberg. Our French mystery and drama catalog is regularly updated with new content including a litany of new international hits ready for your discovery.

What’s the Appeal of French TV?

Even if you haven’t been to France, you’ve likely heard quite a bit about the idiosyncratic nature of the French. Though some Parisians are infamous for being a bit aloof and cold toward outsiders, the truth is the French are warm, loving, romantic and adventurous. Abandon any preconceived stereotypes you might hold against the French, tune into their captivating TV dramas and mysteries and you’ll agree French culture is unlike any other.

Characterized by themes of justice, revenge, love, and courage, French TV shows are highly unique in their own special way. The best part is you’ll learn all about France including its unique culture and ways of storytelling as you take in the gripping drama. The viewing experience also provides a crash course in one of the world’s most beloved romance languages. Contrast this influx of culture with the comparatively plain American dramas you’ve likely grown tired of and there is all the more reason to give MHz’s French mysteries a try.

Discover France and the World with MHz Choice

The world of wonder that is French entertainment is a couple of clicks away. Discover the beauty and intrigue of France for yourself through the country’s most acclaimed dramas and mysteries available on MHz Choice.

Start by exploring our catalog of French detective series and crime dramas, take the plunge with a free trial and you’ll be whisked away into an entertaining escape that broadens your cultural sensibilities.

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