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A crime anthology series like no other, Backwoods Crime (ORF) is set in the breathtaking Austrian countryside and features murder, mystery – and plenty of surprises! Variety is the name of the game here: like French favorites Murder In… and Perfect Murders, Backwoods Crime focuses on a different set of investigators every episode. However, the tone of each story can be very different – a gritty, hard-hitting crime plot one week (think Murder by the Lake) can be followed up by a quirky character-based story (think Homicide Hills) the next. In that regard, Backwoods Crime has more in common with the tonally disparate series under the Tatort banner than the French shows mentioned above. One thing they all have in common, though – gorgeous scenery!

You may recognize various Austrian and German actors from your other favorite shows: the first episode features Karl Fischer (Sergeant Vianello in Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries) and the late Wolf Bachofner (Peter Höllerer in Inspector Rex), and a subsequent episode features Clemens Schick (Barcelona Crime). Harald Krassnitzer shows up twice this season, in one episode even playing his popular Tatort: Vienna investigator Moritz Eisner! (More on Tatort: Vienna soon.) Also showing up twice this season (and at least one more time next season): Tobias Moretti, aka Richard Moser in the first few seasons of Inspector Rex!

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