Murder In… is a widely beloved MHz Choice series, with little doubt as to why: from the beautiful French landscapes to intriguing mysteries and well-known Francophone actors, each episode of Murder In… is an escape to the other side of the world.

Since Murder In… is so beloved, not only will MHz Choice premiere a brand-new Murder In… mystery every single week to the end of 2024, we have also released a collection of episodes dubbed in English!

We understand you may have some questions, so let us give you a couple of answers:

Why is MHz Choice offering dubbed episodes at all??

We get it – dubbing can be controversial. And don’t get us wrong – we love subtitles!

There are also many reasons to appreciate dubbing!

Dubbing makes foreign-language media accessible to those who are visually-impaired or otherwise have trouble reading subtitles. It makes it easier to multi-task while you watch TV if that’s something you want to do. It’s also a good way of convincing friends and family who are skeptical of subtitles to start watching your favorite MHz Choice series…

Are the Murder In… dubbed episodes also available with subtitles?

Yes! All of the dubbed episodes and series available on MHz Choice will always be in addition to subtitled versions.

How many episodes will be dubbed in English?

Not all Murder In… episodes will be available dubbed in English. The first collection will feature a selection of 10 episodes that are already available on MHz Choice with subtitles.

Check out the full list of episodes below that are dubbed in English along with their subtitled versions!


A police captain learns that his ailing father could be connected to a murder at Rouen Abbey.



A police inspector returns to her hometown as a series of murders dredge up the town’s coal mining past.



A forensics trainer lends a hand to a homicide case that may shed light on her own family’s past.

MURDER IN S1E3 Martinique


When a perfumer is found dead in a fragrance tank, the investigation opens up a related cold case.



A man is tortured and crucified, with the only clues coming from a stolen Nostradamus manuscript.

MURDER IN S1E5 Provence


Former sweethearts investigate the death of a winemaker discovered inside a vat with his eyes glued shut.

MURDER IN S1E6 Strasbourg

"Saint Malo"

A police captain returns to her hometown on a case evoking pirate legends.

MURDER IN S1E7 Saint Malo

"La Rochelle"

Childhood cruelties from decades ago fuel revenge in La Rochelle.

MURDER IN S1E8 La Rochelle


A police chief fights to reopen the investigation into her father’s death.

MURDER IN S1E9 Burgandy

"Lake Geneva"

A Swiss and a French detective team up to investigate a deliberate drowning on Lake Geneva.

MURDER IN S1E10 Lake Geneva

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