Two new episodes of French mystery favorite Perfect Murders premiere May 21st, 2024 on MHz Choice!

A killer believes they’ve committed the perfect crime. We know “whodunnit” – we’ve seen it happen. And we know the investigators will catch the culprit; the question is how? What flaw will they find in the murderer’s Machiavellian plan?

That’s the deceptively simple set-up to the supremely entertaining Gallic mystery anthology Perfect Murders (France Televisions), which proved a perfect hit with French TV audiences when it premiered there in 2017. Formulaic, sure, but it’s a formula we love when done right – and here it certainly is. These two NEW episodes feature Isabelle Gélinas (Murder In…) as the eccentric, free-spirited Captain Agnes Berthaud, and Arthur Mazet (Cheeky Business) as fresh-faced Lt. Thibaud Demazières. The interplay between these two is ridiculously fun as they investigate foul play on a stud farm and the mysterious murder of an obstinate obstetrician…

The two new episodes of Perfect Murders (Season 2, Episodes 13 and 14) premiere May 21st, 2024 on MHz Choice.

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