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Every episode of Seasons 1-3 roll out weekly starting April 16, 2024.

North American premiere of Season 4 on June 25!

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Berlin in the Roaring Twenties: It is a metropolis for those with talent and ambition, for those in a hustle. It is BABYLON BERLIN. But beneath the glittering surface, the impoverished masses strive for a better life. It is a time of organized crime and political extremism. The old militaristic elites have not yet abdicated, while an even more dreadful monster starts flexing its muscles.

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Babylon Berlin | Season 1

German, Germany, Crime Drama

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Babylon Berlin | Season 2

German, Germany, Crime Drama

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Babylon Berlin | Season 3

German, Germany, Crime Drama

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Babylon Berlin | Season 4

German, Germany, Crime Drama

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Gereon Rath

Volker Bruch as Inspector Gereon Rath

The chief inspector in Cologne, Gereon Rath is on a secret mission in Berlin to dismantle an extortion ring. In the process, he gets caught between the warring factions of good and evil, and finally loses his heart – transforming the passionate Cologne resident into one of Berlin’s own.

Sleepless, he sets out into the just as sleepless city, its streets paved with promise. He explores the outer limits of his new world, pondering on work and life. The quiet hero of a city that seems to have superficiality written all over it. The closer dawn approaches, the more painful the commotion…

Charlotte Ritter

Liv Lisa Fries as Charlotte Ritter

Stenotypist for murder investigations, Charlotte Ritter is the only woman among a host of crusty officials. Few take her seriously – but she can defend herself: by talking a lot, and quickly. By knowing a lot. By learning a lot. By partying a lot…

Charlotte knows everyone in the city. Everyone, everything, without exception. Charlotte is fast… with her head, with her legs, and in bed. Her adventures often seamlessly morph into ugly scenes that she just manages to escape by the skin of her teeth.

PeterKurth SQ

Peter Kurth as Bruno Wolter

The Detective Chief Inspector of the Berlin vice squad, Wolter is skeptical of Rath’s transfer from Cologne. Equally as aggressive and corrupt as he is loyal and kind, Wolter is a volatile member of the squad.

Svetlana SQ

Severija Janusauskaite as Svetlana Sorokina

A Russian countess and singer who was driven out of her country, Svetlana is a well-known drag performer at the infamous Moka Efti nightclub. She is also involved with a group of anti-Stalin Russian ex-pats that is lead by her lover.

IvanShvedoff SQ

Ivan Shvedoff as Alexei Kardakov

In addition to being a violin virtuoso, Kardakov is a Russian refugee who leads the pro-Trotsky cell “The Red Fortress” which is working to overthrow Stalin’s government.



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