Belgian drama Pandora premieres September 12th, 2023 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Premieres September 12th, 2023

Pandora is the story of a collision between justice and politics. It is also the collision of a man and a woman who have each, in a moment of personal crisis, opened a Pandora’s box and unleashed forces that will lead them inexorably towards a ruthless confrontation. At 52, Claire is an investigating judge who lives for her work. Her strong sense of justice pushes her not to let her feelings dictate her conduct, even when she has to order a search on her own father, a political party leader in the middle of an election campaign. Yet she is far from gauging the consequences that this action is going to have on her life. Mark is a political soldier, member of the conservative party to which Claire’s father adheres. A man of the shadows, discreet and competent, he nevertheless aspires to greater ambitions. So, when an opportunity to get out of anonymity presents itself, he seizes it immediately and without any regard for the moral price he will have to pay personally. This opportunity, the sordid rape of the activist Ludivine Gilson, will also put Claire on his path. Let the battle begin…

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