If you take a peek at the most popular shows offered by mainstream American TV, you’ll see a lot of crime shows offered by major providers. Crime drama and murder mysteries are incredibly popular, but sometimes you are in the mood for a whodunit with a lower level of violence. If you’re looking for a bloodless crime drama with smart, suspenseful stories that will keep you guessing, you’ve come to the right place.

MHz Choice is a subscription streaming service offering the world’s best international mysteries, dramas, and comedies.

With more than 2,500 hours of programming from around the world, you’ll get your fill of cozy murder mysteries and crime dramas that won’t keep you up at night – but you might just find yourself staying up extra late anyway just to finish your new favorite!

What is Bloodless Crime?

“Bloodless crime” is a term we coined here at MHz Choice to refer to our growing catalog of mysteries that are lighter in violence, and with less overt sexual content, while being no less addictive than the more graphic counterparts you might find elsewhere. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, Vivica Sten, Camilla Lackberg, Andrea Camilleri, or other literary greats in the crime genre, you’ll be pleased to have an entire category dedicated to similar shows and movies. Consider it the TV streaming equivalent of the literary genre of cozy mysteries.

Within this genre, you can expect great stories with great characters you will grow to love. Immerse yourself  in international stories from other cultures and stunning locales while following detectives with the most intriguing  crime-solving skills. From darker, more serialized fare to lighter anthology series with a brilliant detective or two at its core, the MHz catalog offers something for every mystery lover. Here’s a great place to start on a tour of some of the best international crime dramas on the slate.

Bloodless Crime and Cozy Mysteries on MHz Choice: Our Picks

Let’s break down some of our favorite mystery series streaming on MHz Choice. Keep in mind, this is just a snippet of the collection available, with new shows and movies rolling out on a regular basis!


This comedic police crime drama show currently includes four seasons of French TV movies adapted from Agatha Christie’s world-famous mysteries. Set in the 1950s, you’ll get to know Chief Inspector Laurence, a refined man of class and taste, and young Alice Avril, an ambitious journalist compelled to get the whole story. These movies are sexy, witty and funny, with five to eight episodes in each of the current four seasons. To add to the fun, a new series with a different  cast takes the Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games franchise  to the 70’s and begins streaming on June 13. If you enjoy mystery with a side of comedy – or even the other way around – this show is for you.


If you’re a fan of experiencing new places or you’re a self-described Francophile, Murder In… will rocket to the top of your favorite new shows. With nine seasons and a tenth on the way, this endearing show with a rotating stellar cast will provide a lot of viewing pleasure, as each episode takes place in a different locale in France. You’ll grow to love the beauty and culture of France even more with this mystery series. And don’t worry if your French is strong— like all shows in our catalog, the series is presented with easy-to-read English subtitles.


Another bloodless crime drama is Homicide Hills, set in a fictional rural town in picturesque Germany and focused on criminologist Sophie Haas. Banished to an outpost in the remote Eifel mountains, Sophie devotes her time to solving murders – and for an area that’s so out of the way, they do experience a lot of mysteries for Sophie to solve. This show currently includes two seasons with a third on the way.


Perfect Murders will draw you in with a  cast  of quirky investigators who solve crimes seemingly impossible to solve. Based in France, this fun French mystery series will keep you guessing and wanting more of these episodes with punny names and unique situations. There are currently two seasons of Perfect Murders available to stream, for a total of 31 episodes. If you want a solid mystery but prefer a lighthearted but fast-paced story, put this series on your list.


Dog lovers, we see you. So often, our four-legged friends are sidekicks or mascots, but Inspector Rex gives every canine fan what they’ve always secretly wanted: a show where the deserving dog is the lead. Inspector Rex is an adorable German shepherd police dog who takes his role seriously, as he investigates crime and solves mysteries out on the streets in Vienna. This show has four seasons available now, each ranging from 13 to 18 episodes, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch the canine crusader as he protects the innocent and catches the bad guys – and maybe even a treat. Plus, we’re happy to announce that seasons 5 and 6 of this popular series are set to join our catalog on June 20, 2023 and July 25, 2023 respectively.


This French-based mystery is a 1995 series based on the classic novels and stories by Maurice Leblanc. You might already be familiar with the charming thief, Arsene Lupin. The hat-wearing criminal makes you want to like the bad guy, and each of the eight episodes features interactions with names you’ll almost recognize, such a Herlock Sholmes, Ernest Hemingway, the Sultan of Brunei and more. Mr. Lupin was so popular that the sequel series, The Return of Arsene Lupin, is also available on MHz Choice. This  classic show is another good option for someone looking to relax and laugh while appreciating the wit and charm of a jewel thief who can’t resist the lure of good loot.


If you’re ready for a change of scenery that involves a taste of the gorgeous Italian countryside, check out Imma Tataranni. This popular and critically acclaimed three-season show features the title character, a Deputy Prosecutor, as she solves crimes in beautiful Matera, Italy.  Tataranni serves up a lot of sass and attitude as she cracks cases and provides the answers to the families of the victims. This one’s great for viewers who like a main character who isn’t afraid to show flaws, but remains unapologetic about her successful approach to resolving each case she touches. You will quickly grow to love Imma and want to press play on the next episode.


Another Italian series, this show is set in Sicily and features author Saverio Lamanna as he returns to his native country to write a book, while solving tricky mysteries and seeking out the criminals. Fortunately for Saverio, the cases he involves himself with serve as great source material for his writing. Based on the novel by Gaetano Savatteri, Makari contains  four episodes, each running about one hour and 45 minutes long. This serious bloodless crime drama offers every episode up like a small Sicilian vacation, each one giving you further insight into an author who frequently seems to somehow end up around a dead body.  It’s a fantastic choice for a discerning crime drama lover who likes consistency with its characters while providing the suspense and intrigue that makes each movie-length episode a speedy thrill ride from beginning to end. Also noteworthy: Makari is produced by the same team behind the lauded Detective Montalbano.

Get Lost in a Mystery on MHz Choice

With summer on its way, and as we try to avoid the heat, MHz Choice is a great way to enjoy your free time. It’s not often that you can find the unique programs offered by German TV or immersive shows set all over France or Italy, all via one streaming platform with an expansive catalog. Interested in trying us out?

Access our entire catalog completely free with a 7-day trial, and open yourself up to a new world of international entertainment. Get started on your foreign TV journey with an acclaimed series recommended by the New York Times or our own beginner’s guide.

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