French mystery series Cherif (France Televisions) starring Abdelhafid Metalsi and Carole Bianic returns for Season 5 on MHz Choice!

Premiering July 12, 2022 on MHz Choice!

In Cherif Season 5, we’re finally past Captain Briard’s tangled involvement with investigating her brother’s murder. The reprisals that followed are over, the villains eliminated or put away.  Finally, the coast is clear for her and Kader to live happily ever after together.

Cherif is attractive, in part, because of his romantic nature. He’s a sentimental guy who openly cherishes those he loves: a mix of cop and poet, fighter and lover. So now that he and Adrienne are together, they’re meeting each other’s families, trying to take things methodically.  They have a dinner with her father and Cherif finally grabs a quiet moment with him.

So far so good.
All systems go.

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