This series is no longer available on MHz Choice.

Corp + Anam, the first Irish language TV drama to screen in America, is now streaming exclusively on MHz Choice. This dark and gritty Celtic Noir features an equally eerie opening title sequence.

Forget The Film, Watch The Titles, an online resource dedicated to film title design, featured an interview with title designer/director Lorcan Finnegan about his work on the series.

From Watch The Titles:

Corp + Anam is a dark and disturbing Irish crime drama, whose strong themes are enforced by the squirm-worthy images that director LORCAN FINNEGAN used for his opening titles. Shot in a day-and-a-half using DSLRs, Finnegan says he saw some incredible places in Dublin. And he got to set a car on fire. Not bad for a title sequence made on a budget. Rani Nugraha reports…”

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corp anam title sequence promo 1920x1080
Corp + Anam Title Sequence