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In Finnish thriller Enemy of the People (ReInvent Studios), a reporter (Kreeta Salminen) invites the wrath of her readers by writing a critical article about their hometown hero, a soccer star who appears to be mixed up in dubious business schemes. Available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

When the star athlete is found dead in the swimming pool at his Mediterranean villa, the hostility towards Katja blows up into a systematic hate campaign. In the readers’ eyes, she’s a malicious vulture who gets her kicks inventing conspiracy theories – the enemy of the people.

But Katja is not deterred. She suspects the athlete was murdered because he was on the verge of peeling back the idyllic facade of his home city and exposing the rot beneath.

A clandestine group of influential men has lost tens of millions of public funds on a cryptocurrency venture the mayor is pushing as an economic godsend but Katja suspects is a pyramid scheme.

As she investigates, Katja discovers the public isn’t necessarily interested in the truth; they seem more obsessed with the titillating lies being spread about her.

Meanwhile, the local power players are prepared to protect their interests by any means necessary, and human lives cannot compete with the chance to rake in millions. As she searches for the truth, Katja risks not only her reputation, but her life.

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