And now for something completely different: a pair of humorous, fast-paced detective yarns about a gentleman art thief turned amateur sleuth! Take an elegant, sophisticated spin with the limited series Allmen, now available only on MHz Choice!

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His name is Johann Friedrich von Allmen. He’s lived a charmed life, one without financial worry. If you ask him how he finances this life, seeing as he’s never worked a day in it, he’d explain it this way: He was lucky. Exactly how lucky is up for debate since he is, despite his own lack of worry, up to his ears in debt – and in imminent danger of losing his luxury Swiss villa to the bank. Nevertheless, fortune must be amused because it always manages, in its own, circuitous way, to smile upon him – along with Carlos, his ever-loyal, ever-present Guatemalan valet.

Based on the first two novels in Swiss author Martin Suter’s Allmen series, this double feature boasts world-class production values and beautiful scenery from some of Europe’s most glamorous locations – along with tour-de-force lead performances from two of Germany’s most popular actors. Heino Ferch, best known to MHz Choice viewers as Anatomy of Evil’s Richard Brock, plays Allmen with earnest panache and supreme, fourth-wall breaking style. His down-to-earth counterpart, Carlos, is played with wry wit by former Flemming star Samuel Finzi – also well known for his role as Dr. Stormann in Tatort: Borowski.

Allmen now available only on MHz Choice.

Note: A third Allmen movie has been produced, but is not yet available to us here. It will premiere in Germany sometime later this year.

allmen promo 5 1920x1080
(L to R) Samuel Finzi & Heino Ferch in Allmen

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