New episode premieres March 9, 2021


Heino Ferch returns as former police psychologist Richard Brock in an all-new Anatomy of Evil movie – premiering March 9th on MHz Choice!

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Heino Ferch in Anatomy of Evil

And when we say “all-new” we mean it – this bad boy only premiered on Austrian TV at the end of January, 2021! Heino Ferch is back in the weird overcoat, wandering the dark, instantly recognizable streets of Vienna, and it picks up right where the last movie left off. You should definitely watch the previous installments (why wouldn’t you?) to get the full impact of the story – this new movie really is the climax to the entire nine-film saga, with plot strands from the beginning having devastating consequences in this one. And when we say things like “dark” and “devastating”, we mean it. There are some intense sequences in this, one in particular, which we won’t go into detail about – but you’ll know it when you see it. (It’s a single shot – a master class in minimalism from director Andreas Prochaska and acting from our lead.) As the new story begins, Brock has largely recovered from his injuries and lives a seemingly tranquil (riiiight…) life as a new grandfather. He’s now living with Brigitte Klein, his former shrink, which annoys Frau Anni no end – she disrupts the routine! But Brock has a secret he’s keeping from everyone, even his daughter, Petra. Well, almost everyone. Enter taxi driver/weed dealer and Brock’s best (only?) friend, Klaus Tauber…

*Note: No news on any further installments of Anatomy of Evil – but never say never. In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing Heino Ferch in the third Allmen movie, which will premiere later in 2021 on MHz Choice!

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