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Meet the most dysfunctional police team in Berlin! The gritty German crime thriller Blochin now streaming on MHz Choice!

A 14-year-old boy is shot down in cold blood and wakes up on a morgue slab – without any memory. Years later, Blochin (no first name, just “Blochin”) sets off on a journey into his past. But what, if anything, will he find there?



With its horizontal narrative structure and deeply flawed characters, writer/director Matthias Glasner’s “Berlin Noir” is as much a drama as it is about crime, and takes its inspiration from shows like True Detective, House of Cards and Homeland. A kaleidoscope of the city of Berlin and its people, Blochin doesn’t just tell the story of its title character but tells multiple, overlapping stories of the men and women of Berlin’s Homicide Division 7 and their families, friends and enemies. In that respect, the long narrative arc of the show is more akin to a novel than it is to a Tatort. Just don’t expect to have all the answers by the end.

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Several of the actors may look familiar to MHz Choice viewers: Dominik is played by Thomas Heinze, who had a recurring role as Dr. Gustav Engler in Marie’s Mind For Murder. Dankwart is played by Jörg Pose, otherwise known as the deadpan Undertaker #1 in various episodes of Crime Scene Cleaner. And Yorik is played by Christoph Letkowski, whom viewers may recognize from his guest star role as the corrupt banker Dobler in the final episode of Cenk Batu Undercover Agent – also directed by Blochin helmer Matthias Glasner.

At the very end, Blochin is all set to follow a new set of clues about his past – and the last shot is a doozy of a cliffhanger! – but unfortunately the planned second season of the show never happened. Boo. But there’s good news and bad news, folks! The good news is that a 90-minute finale, under the working title Blochin: Black Hole Sun, was filmed in Berlin last year. The bad news is that it has yet to be released in Germany – which means it isn’t available for us here, either. But we are on top of the situation and as soon as there’s any news to be had, we will definitely let you know.

Blochin: The Living and the Dead premieres March 6th on MHz Choice!

Cast of Characters

The man with no first name who was declared dead at age 14, Blochin is a detective in Berlin’s Homicide Division 7 alongside his brother-in-law, Dominik. Before he joined the police, Blochin worked on the wrong side of the law. Now, he spends his time investigating old friends from the East Berlin drug scene – but his past frequently comes back to haunt him…

Blochin’s wife, Inka also happens to be the sister of Lieutenant Dominik Stötzner, Blochin’s boss in Homicide 7. She works as a food chemist, testing additives to ensure consumer safety. Recently diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis, she does what she can to manage her disease with the support of her husband and their daughter.

Blochin’s brother-in-law and boss in Homicide 7. His straight-laced demeanor at work belies the fact that he’s more than willing to go “above the law” to protect himself and his interests. He is fiercely loyal to and supportive of his sister and her daughter. A long-time bachelor, Dominik has an on-going affair with Katrin Steinbrenner, a married up-and-coming Berlin politician.

Brilliant, tenacious and ambitious, Katrin is Undersecretary to Berlin’s Senator for the Interior – but she has her sights set on national politics and a position in the Federal Government. Married with children, Katrin has an on-going affair with Dominik Stötzner – and as much as they both deny it to themselves, they have developed deep feelings for one another.

A veteran cop, Dankwart came up in a police force that protected individuals from corrupt societal institutions. Now he sees the force as having become just another one of those corrupt institutions. To fund his impending retirement, Dankwart has stumbled onto what he thinks is a terrific real estate opportunity – one that he unfortunately drags Nanette into as well.

Nanette is a breath of fresh air – never afraid to speak her mind, her brash, direct manner masks the fact that she comes from a very privileged background. Making the force is the biggest achievement of her life so far and she’s understandably proud of herself. When Dankwart offers her the opportunity to invest her inheritance in a real estate venture, she throws caution to the wind and goes for it.

Magda became a police officer to bring evil to justice. A single mom, she shares her own mother’s profound Catholic faith but has rejected the racist, right-wing conservative tendencies in parts of the Polish church. Guilt and atonement are not empty words for her. She is attracted to Blochin and would like to save him. Dominik thinks she’s the best cop he’s ever met – so far, anyway.

An army vet who served a tour in Afghanistan, Yorik’s military background is surprising given that he now dresses and acts more like a bartender than a policeman. He has a love-hate relationship with Dominik (whom he respects) and sees Blochin (whom he really doesn’t) as a rival. His good looks hide the fact that he is dangerously insecure with women.

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