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Camorra Connection thrusts you into the brutality of the Camorra – a network of criminal clans operating in the region of Campania and its capital, Naples. It’s mafia-like but lacks the strong hierarchy or leadership at the top. Not as united as mafia families, Camorra clans act independently and are more prone to power struggles between each other. Historically, the clans’ approach has been to insert themselves as middlemen between the local community and bureaucrats and politicians in Rome.  You want to start a business, build a bridge, buy and work a cattle farm? They’re the ones to grease the skids. A 2007 study by Confesercenti, Italy’s second largest trade organization, showed that in Campania, the Camorra control the milk and fish industries, the coffee trade, and over 2,500 bakeries in Naples.

So, it’s a very real thing.

This eight-part series begins with the imprisoned Franceso Russo (O’ Malese) doing a favor for the local Camorra boss, thus earning him the right to ask for some measure of favoritism when he gets out of prison. In this First Look, the newly-released O’ Malese (Giuseppe Zeno) reunites with his two buddies Ciccio Capuano (Francesco Di Leva) and Vincenzo De Marchi (Salvatore Striano), who immediately come up with plans for resuming their lives together as petty thieves. O’Malese, however, has a much grander vision.

Dramatically compelling, Camorra Connection is not for the faint of heart – its violence isn’t necessarily graphic, but always wrenching. The series is loosely based on real events and chronicles the work of Judge Andrea Esposito and his team to battle the oppression imposed on citizens in the fictional town of Castello d’Aversa.

The real town where this story happened is San Cipriano d’Aversa, in case you’re planning a pilgrimage.

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