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Dicte returns with a second season of mystery and drama on November 26th – only on MHz Choice!

Season 2 Premieres November 26th!

She’s back – as temperamental and determined as ever! Denmark’s most complicated crime reporter returns with a second season of investigative exploits – and more than her share of drama – as Dicte Season 2 picks up where the first one left off. So who’s sleeping with whom? Well, Dicte and Bo are now officially a couple – and what a fine looking pair these two make! Meanwhile, Rose is doing some coupling of her own – but as the season begins, Dicte has yet to meet her daughter’s new boyfriend. Dicte’s best friend, Anne, is now seriously dating Dicte’s ex, Torsten. And Dicte’s other best friend, Ida Marie, has reconciled with her husband Theis and moved to Germany with him. Got all that? Good. So who’s left standing when the music stops? Why, Detective John Wagner, of course! The poor guy is looking forward to a lonely New Year’s Eve as he bids farewell to his son, Alexander, who is flying back to L.A. where he lives with his mom – Wagner’s ex.

And with that, Dicte is thrown into a mystery involving her own identity, as she furiously tries to uncover the identity of the hit-and-run driver. Wagner reluctantly allows her to get involved with the police investigation, and allows himself to become personally and emotionally involved in the case – something which will have serious and far-reaching ramifications for them all…

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