Don Matteo (Lux Vide) Season 11 now available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

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The new season of Don Matteo (Lux Vide) is here!

The gang is back – mostly.

As the season starts, you’ll see that Captain Tomassi (Simone Montedoro) is out of the picture. He’s moved to Rome, having just married the Marshal’s niece, Lia (Nadir Caselli). For anyone new to the series, three seasons back, at the end of season 8, he married the Marshal’s daughter, Patrizia (Pamela Saino). She was killed in a car accident before season 9 began. As the Marshal says, “He must like Cecchinis…”

So, there’s a new captain in Spoleto, Captain Anna (Maria Chiara Giannetta). Big adjustment for the Marshal!

We also meet Captain Anna’s boyfriend Giovanni (Cristiano Caccamo), a public defender, who has just moved to Spoleto and is sensing the call to become a priest.

Another addition to this season is the new open – featuring a song with lyrics. The song is “Believing Again” by Andrea Guerra, Giovanni Giombolini, Ermanno Giorgetti, Bruno Antonio Pierotti and Michele von Buren. It’s sung by Nicole Cross.

We’ve made a run at subtitling it in English – enjoy!

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