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Jump into Flemming, the breezy, feel-good crime series from Germany now streaming on MHz Choice!

Flemming is a slick, fast paced, humorous crime drama with serious rom-com undertones, a cross between Castle and The Mentalist. So it’s lots o’ fun (aside from the fact that people are getting killed) and eminently watchable.

The series hinges on Vince Flemming, the tightly wound, skirt chasing, brilliant police psychologist. In the first episode, Vince and his wife, Ann, divorce. Which should resolve some of their issues, right? Problem is, they work together, on a daily basis. She’s a Berlin police investigator and he’s the in-house psychologist.

The other problem is, neither can get over the other. She wants to shake Vince like a bad cold, and he knows he’s a world-class jerk who blew it with the best thing that ever happened to him. None of it’s made easier by their living across an apartment courtyard from each other with the ability to see into each other’s living rooms. What makes matters worse for Ann is that all of Berlin tunes into Vince’s radio call-in show, “Soul Tricks: Psychology With Vince Flemming.” So the whole world loves him and she cannot escape his smug pontificating. Not to mention that their relationship is often fodder for his astute observations. Ouch.

In addition to great writing, Flemming works because of superb casting. Vince Flemming has to be a likable jerk and have great chemistry with his partner. Samuel Finzi, a Bulgarian stage and screen veteran, fits the bill and brings plenty of sizzle to his scenes with Ann (Claudia Michelsen). For her part, Michelsen brings intelligence and warmth to her portrayal of a dogged police inspector trying to get the job done despite the very public relational crap she’s wading through.

flemming sam finzi ann wife promo 3 1920x1080
Claudia Michelsen (LEFT) Samuel Finzi (RIGHT) in Flemming

And in case you’re thinking you’ve seen Samuel Finzi on MHz Choice before, you’re right! He’s most recently played the crooked lawyer Arnold Nogly in Blochin

flemming sam finzi blochin promo 3 1920x1080
Jürgen Vogel (LEFT) Samuel Finzi (RIGHT) in Blochin

…and the coroner Dr. Stormann in the second season of Tatort: Borowski.

flemming sam finzi borowski promo 3 1920x1080
Samuel Finzi (LEFT) Axel Milberg (RIGHT) Tatort: Borowski

Another casting treat in Flemming Season 1 is the venerable German actor Hanns Zischler, who plays Vince’s mentor, Dr. Hans Matthei. Americans might recognize Zischler from Steven Spielberg’s Munich and MHz Choice viewers will recognize him as Martin Beck’s friend and colleague, Josef Hillman from Beck Season 2.

flemming sam finzi hanns zischler promo 3 1920x1080
Samuel Finzi (LEFT) Hanns Zischler (RIGHT) Flemming

So get ready for the first season of Flemming – with two more seasons following immediately after. Vince and Ann’s dodging and weaving around each other makes for the perfect springtime opener. These two put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!

Flemming premieres April 3rd exclusively on MHz Choice.

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