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Like a fine wine, police drama Flemming just keeps getting better. 

All Seasons Now Streaming

Flemming is one of those series that grows on you – with characters and relationships that continue to morph and deepen with each new season. In Flemming Season 3, the character of police psychologist Vince Flemming (Samuel Finzi) continues his personal journey of growing awareness of his own foibles and his clarity about wanting to make it work with Ann. And he’s still an investigative wunderkind, applying intuition and brilliance about people to each episode’s case.

Season 3 begins with Ann’s return from maternity leave – a miserable day for any mother.  The case before her is super creepy and involves genital mutilation of a female victim. Also on the scene is an addition to the team – crime photographer Robert Anda (Götz Schubert). Keep an eye on that one.

Sadly, Season 3 is the final season of Flemming – because Claudia Michelsen left to play investigator Doreen Brasch in the East German version of Tatort, which MHz Choice viewers know as Bukow and Konig. So, the 22 episodes across three seasons were all they made. It’s a topnotch lightweight crime drama – with a great ensemble cast, snappy writing and a delightful rom-com story arc. Another MHz Choice binge-worthy classic!

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