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A satirical comedy set in an alternate France where the monarchy was never abolished, Louis XXVIII (Film & Picture) stars Nils Othenin-Hirard stars as Cédric, an insolent teenager who, after a tragic plane crash that takes out the entire royal family, inadvertently finds himself heir to the throne!

France, 2021. After a plane crash takes the lives of the entire royal family, the government meets in Versailles. Per law, the next in line to the throne must be male, of royal blood and with no criminal record – which immediately rules out all the expected successors. But wait – there may be a direct heir after all! In rural France, Samia struggles to raise her son Cédric, born of a failed relationship with a minor aristocrat 16 years earlier, now going through his awkward teenage years. In the middle of a meeting at her son’s school, she receives an unexpected visit: Cédric is the heir to the French throne! Now Samia will have to raise His Majesty Louis XXVIII, doing her best to protect the country from an unscrupulous regent – but also from the immaturity of her own kid!

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