Documentary ‘Henning Mankell: Homo Narrans’ is now streaming on MHz Choice.

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Before he died in 2015, Swedish writer Henning Mankell asked his friend and renowned documentary filmmaker Stefan Jarl to film his “testament”. The resulting doc shows never-before-seen footage of one of the world’s best-selling writers, a leading figure in the wave of “Nordic Noir” fiction best known for his novels about Inspector Kurt Wallander.

In Henning Mankell: Homo Narrans, he speaks with the candor and the urgency of a dying man. Subjects range from details about his life as an artist, to politics and the avoidance of death by modern Western society. Intercut with his interview are excerpts of his poetry, read by his friend Krister Henriksson, who played the definitive (and longest running) version of Kurt Wallander on TV.

Mankell was prolific – in addition to the 40 novels he wrote during his lifetime, he also wrote many children’s books and 42 plays. MHz Choice viewers are already familiar with Talisman, the series he co-wrote (and appeared in) with Hamilton creator Jan Guillou, and with Kennedy’s Brain, based on his novel. And in an interesting stroke of coincidence, premiering on the same day as Henning Mankell: Homo Narrans is one of two episodes of Tatort: Borowski that Mankell wrote the story for – Season Two, Episode 7, “Borowski and the Fourth Man.”

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