Season 3 of fan favorite Homicide Unit Istanbul now streaming exclusively on MHz Choice.

Season 3 Now Streaming

Location, location, location! Homicide Unit Istanbul Season 3 continues to thrill because of the exotic places Inspector Mehmet Özakin (Erol Sander) and his assistant, Mustafa (Oscar Ortega Sanchez) go to in their investigations. Racing from gleaming, urban offices to bazaars to winding roads and farms in the middle of exquisite countryside… it’s all part of the job! And there’s usually a chase or a fight scene where Inspector Özakin gives the perp what for against the backdrop of beautiful, ancient Istanbul. If you’re going to chase the bad guys, why not do it in a beautiful place?

Season 3 brings a few cast changes – Özakin’s wife, Sevim (Idil Üner) is only in the first two episodes, and a new female coroner, Derya Güzel (Melanie Winiger) joins the team. Mehmet’s boss, Dr. Ergün Kaya (Defne Halman) gives administrative pushback on almost everything he wants, so there’s nothing new there… and his deputy, Mustafa (Oscar Ortega Sanchez) always pulls through when stuff needs to get done. And the main character, as always, is gorgeous, multi-cultural, enigmatic modern Turkey.

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