Season 3 premieres Sept. 18th!



He’s still one hot cop – Inspector Coliandro returns with a brand-new season premiering December 19th only on MHz Choice!

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Giampaolo Morelli (Song of Napoli) returns as the lovable, retro doof (one-part Clint Eastwood, one-part Inspector Clouseau) who works the mean streets of Bologna in a series of stylized and comic misadventures. Season 2 sees our handsome but not-too-bright inspector tangling with Colombian drug dealers, scumbag talent scouts, American secret agents and even soccer hooligans!

Also back for more shenanigans are Giuseppe Soleri (mob boss Bosso in Inspector Nardone) as Coliandro’s best friend Gargiulo, and Alessandro Rossi as Coliandro’s immediate superior De Zan. Two actors fresh from supporting roles in *another* Italian favorite round out the returning cast: Paolo Sassanelli (who plays Matteo Ferri in Episode 7 of Nero Wolfe) as Inspector Gamberini – aka Gambero, aka “Shrimp”-  and Veronika Logan (who plays Trina Dei Bosco in Episode 8 of Nero Wolfe) as hard-nosed prosecutor “Justice” Longhi.

Inspector Coliandro Season 2 premieres December 19th only on MHz Choice. Bestiale!

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The cast of Inspector Coliandro