Season 3 premieres Sept. 18th!


He’s back – and not a moment too soon! Inspector Coliandro returns with a brand-new season, premiering September 18th only on MHz Choice!

Premieres September 18th!

Giampaolo Morelli (Song of Napoli) returns as the lovable, retro doof (one-part Clint Eastwood, one-part Inspector Clouseau) who works the mean streets of Bologna in a series of stylized and comic misadventures. Season 3 sees our handsome but not-too-bright inspector exiled to public transportation duty (aka collecting bus tickets), assigned to protect the world’s most annoying witness, tangling with a Latino drug lord, going undercover as a cabbie, being held captive by a psycho killer and, as we see in the clip below, unknowingly shacking up with a glamorous Russian assassin!

Notable developments in the new season (in no particular order):

While we will never learn Coliandro’s first name – author Carlo Lucarelli has made that clear – we do learn his mother’s nickname for him when he was a kid! Watch the second episode to find out what that is…

Giampaolo Morelli as Coliandro

Gargiulo’s been promoted, given a new office and finally moves out of his mama’s house and gets his own place! (But she practically moves in to cook for him, of course…)

Giuseppe Solari as Gargiulo

Two new series regulars are introduced: Bernarda Paffoni (aka “Paffo”), the Assistant Director of Forensics, an outgoing and socially voracious woman of mature years who takes a particular liking to Coli, and Superintendent Buffarini (aka “Buffa”), a rookie investigator whose youth belies her extensive experience working undercover as the granddaughter of an ’Ndragheta boss!

(L to R): Luisella Notari as Bernarda Paffoni and Benedetta Cimatti as Superintendent Buffarini

And, finally, in Episode 4, a bout of amnesia has Coliandro waking up and thinking he’s the man he’s always dreamed of being… a hard-nosed, tough-as-nails master criminal with a predilection for one-liners! (Too bad it’s all in his head, eh?)

Inspector Coliandro Season 3 premieres September 18th only on MHz Choice! Bestiale!

Giampaolo Morelli as ????

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