Mongeville is back – and he’s bringing an old friend! Mongeville Season 2 premieres January 31st, 2023 in the U.S. and Canada only on MHz Choice!

Premiering January 31st, 2023!

Mongeville (Mediawan) is a highly popular and long-running detective series that originally premiered in France in 2013. Ten years and over 26 feature-length episodes later, Antoine Mongeville (Francis Perrin) has cemented his status as one of France’s most popular TV detectives – second only (perhaps) to that other fan favorite French TV detective, Magellan!

mongeville first look s2 COVER
L to R: Jacques Spiesser and Francis Perrin

And speaking of Magellan, that’s exactly who crosses paths with the good judge in the first of the new episodes! Jacques Spiesser guest stars as Inspector Simon Magellan, whom Mongeville knows from back in the day and encounters again when he and Lt. Duteil swing by Saignac on their way to London. (What?) It seems Mongeville knows Magellan’s latest suspect and doesn’t believe the kid could commit murder. Of course, it’s just an excuse for these old pros to come out swinging at each other, with Magellan griping that Mongeville knows nothing and has an opinion about everything and Mongeville kvetching that age hasn’t mellowed the old detective, he’s just as stubborn as ever! Valentine is highly amused by the interplay between the old frenemies as they tackle a case together, with their grudging respect for one another bubbling to the surface despite their protestations.

In the end, it seems Mongeville will invite Magellan to visit him in Bordeaux someday. Will that happen? Well, you’ll have to keep watching to find out….

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