Vincenzo Malinconico – The Italian Lawyer premieres March 5, 2024 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Imagine the nicest person you know. Then the smartest one. Then again the stupidest and most childish one. Make him more generous. And crazier, too. Mix well. Here, more or less, is the protagonist of this series – a little bit Woody Allen, a little bit Holden Caulfield, a little bit simply himself: it’s Vincenzo Malinconico, semi-unemployed lawyer, semi-divorced husband, semi-present father of two, and – last but by no means least – a grandiose, irresistible natural philosopher!

Vincenzo Malinconico – The Italian Lawyer (RAI Com) stars Massimiliano Gallo as the fourth-wall breaking title character in a delightful, light-hearted series of mysteries based on the novels by Diego De Silva. Gallo is well-known to MHz Choice subscribers, having played Vanessa Scalera’s husband Pietro in Imma Tataranni as well as Palma, the leader of The Bastards of Pizzofalcone. As Vincenzo Malinconico, Gallo brings his natural charisma and gift for language to a role that seems tailor-made to his own specific set of charms. The rest of the cast works hard to keep up – and are all the more fun for it! Also, keep an eye out for The Octopus icon Michele Placido (yes, Corrado Cattani himself) as a rival attorney!

Vincenzo Malinconico – The Italian Lawyer premieres March 5, 2023.


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