In the Parisian suburbs in the early 1980s, three college students conjure the revolutionary idea of the first sex chat service, ushering in the age of the internet. Cheeky Business premieres November 15, 2022 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Premiering November 15, 2022!

Retro comedy Cheeky Business (France, Mediawan) will soon join the ranks of new series on MHz Choice. Set in the Parisian suburbs in the early 1980s, Cheeky Business is a fictional tale of the invention of the first adult messaging service using the Minitel – a videotext online service accessible through telephone lines in France. 

cheeky business stills 2
Noémie Schmidt, Paul Scarfoglio and Arthur Mazet in Cheeky Business

Three unlikely friends and college students stumble upon the idea to pose as horny women messaging even hornier men over the Minitel network. Simon (Arthur Mazet, Captain Marleau, Perfect Murders) is the quintessential nerd who manages to tap into the potential of a nationwide messaging network, Stéphanie (Noémie Schmidt, Versailles, Copy Cat) is a budding entrepreneur in desperate need of tuition cash and Toni (Paul Scarfoglio, Les Emmerdeurs) is bold enough to get the whole thing started. Pimps and prostitutes also get involved as the business goes national, right under the noses of Simon’s seemingly traditional parents – whose attic becomes the business’ unofficial headquarters. Friendship, rivalry, sex and false appearances are the early hallmarks of what become the internet age, and all hilariously collide in this funny and addictive series.

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