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From the producers of The Bridge* and the screenwriters of Beck comes Spring Tide. Now streaming on MHz Choice!

Now Streaming!

A classic Scandi Noir thriller from the producers of The Bridge and the writers of Beck and Arne Dahl. In 1990, a brutal murder occurs on Nordkoster Island: a pregnant young woman is buried in the sand, left to slowly drown by the rising tide. 25 years later, police trainee Olivia Rönning is assigned the unsolved Nordkoster murder as a cold case exercise – and becomes obsessed when she realizes her late father worked on the case. The original investigation was led by Detective Tom Stilton, and when Olivia goes to track him down she discovers he’s disappeared without a trace. In fact, Stilton is now homeless and doesn’t want to be reminded of his old life or that case – survival is hard enough. Eventually, Olivia and Tom cross paths and work together to solve the murder – but what they discover has unimaginable consequences for Olivia. Starring Kjell Bergqvist (Death of a PilgrimThe Fourth Man), Julia Ragnarsson (The Bridge, Wallander) and Helena Bergström (MissingAnnika Bengtzon).

*Due to distribution limitations, ‘The Bridge’ is only available for purchase and is not available to stream with an MHz Choice subscription.

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