Icy thriller The Frozen Dead (Gaumont) premieres December 20th, 2022 in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

Premiering December 20, 2022

A grisly discovery on a mountain in the French Pyrenees leads detective Martin Servaz into a dangerous dance with a serial killer.

Saint-Martin, a small town in the Pyrenees mountains. Frozen dawn.  The overbearing silence is broken by the sound of a cable car slowly climbing up towards the hydroelectric power plant on the top of a snow-covered mountain. Two workmen sit in silence in the cable car. As they near the top, the cabin stops. The two workers make a terrible discovery…

the frozen dead first look pic 1
On the set of The Frozen Dead

Martin Servaz (Charles Berling), an officer from the judiciary police of Toulouse, is appointed to oversee the investigation – teaming with Irène Ziegler (Julia Piaton) from the local police. Meanwhile, young psychiatrist Diane Berg (Nina Meurisse) begins work at a local prison facility in which the dangerous serial killer Julian Hirtmann (Pascal Greggory) is locked up. What links Hirtmann to the alpine crime scene? Why do his grisly predictions come true? And what ties the present crime to a series of murders from over 15 years ago?

In addition to the central mysteries and the captivating characters, the other star here is the stunning location – for more of which, see our accompanying documentary The Wild Beauty of the Pyrenees!

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