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Dear MHz Choice fans: If you like courtroom dramas, your ship has come in!

The French series The Law of (Film and Picture) looks at the lawyers who take on seemingly impossible defense cases. They’re warriors armed to the teeth with the weapons of their warfare – tenacity, instinct and impeccable logic. They fight hard and they fight to win.

The series features various lawyers and begins with three cases tried by Counselor Barbara Malo (Josiane Balasko) – she defends a violent, jealous husband accused of murdering her wife’s lover, a sleazy politician accused of rape, and a wealthy woman who confesses at the crime scene to murdering a young man in a bar.

The lawyers become more interesting as you learn about their own personal scars, most of which fuel their excellence in the courtroom.  It would spoil the fun to spool out Barbara’s backstory, but suffice it to say that she drinks, falls asleep late at night in the office a lot, and has the unwavering loyalty of her law partner Bertrand (Olivier Claverie) and assistant Camille (Cecile Rebboah). During the arc of her three cases, we find out the reason for her despair and why her colleagues stick with her.

What we can show you is a lovely moment of trash talking between high-powered opponents. In this scene, she’s summoned for a little chat by Counselor Solal (Jean-Marie Winling) who’s prosecuting her client for murder in the first episode.  No car chases here, folks, but there’s aggression aplenty.

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