The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin starring François Dunoyer now streaming on MHz Choice!

Now streaming on MHz Choice!

The party continues in The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin – more locations, more heists, more disguises and more bedroom antics. Handsome François Dunoyer continues his amiable version of the gentleman thief assisted by Grognard, (Eric Franklin/Franck Capillery) still only managing to stay half a step ahead of Police Chief Ganimard (Paul Le Person). The ambitious productions of The Return of Arsène Lupin and The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin were filmed across Europe and the Carribean – in France, Cuba, Switzerland, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Canada, Portugal and Yugoslavia.

Along the lines of “Haven’t I seen you somewhere?” a young Antoine Duléry (Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party, Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games, Murder In…) appears in The New Adventures of Arsène Lupin as a dirty cop trying to get the best of Lupin in “The Diamond Dress.” Watch the clip below to see the young actors at work.

Also worth noting – François Dunoyer has had an amazing television and film career, and both he and Duléry appeared in Murder In… Season 8. In “Murder In… Basque Country,” Duléry plays a detective teamed with Claire Borotra and Dunoyer plays a silver fox police chief. Some of these Frenchmen age pretty well!

dunoyer 1
Claire Borotra and François Dunoyer in Murder In...

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