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We’re back on that idyllic island in The Sandhamn Murders Season 8 (Banijay Rights) where people bicycle into town, ride boats or ferries between islands and watch amazing sunsets off the decks of their generous summer homes. Where those pesky murders also keep happening!

Nora (Alexandra Rapaport) is now past the child-rearing phase of her life and unattached. She’s leaning full-bore into her new career as a prosecutor for the Financial Crimes Unit, assisted by Par (Anton Lundqvist). It’s a new chapter – she’s free to explore interesting work unencumbered by her previous obligations. She and police investigator Alexander Forsman (Nicholai Cleve Broch) continue to dance around each other, sidestepping their chemistry out of respect for his marriage and his desire to make it work with his newly-returned wife.

She’s also got her hands full with a couple of exes – her ex-husband Henrik (Jonas Malmsjö) and her ex-partner, Jonas (Stefan Gödicke). The former is a childish jerk who never fails to surprise with the outlandish things he says/does and the latter is the airline pilot she was involved with until she discovered him with someone else. She and her exes – plus the rest of the ensemble – wrestle with regrets over things they lost or fumbled. So yes, these episodes are about criminal investigations but they also concern issues that hit all humans in the middle of life.

And in the case of Nora’s ex-partner Jonas, he’s brimming over with regrets… about Nora.

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