A retired police detective upends his way of life to help bereaved families get justice in The Traveller – now available in the U.S. and Canada on MHz Choice!

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New French crime thriller The Traveller (Newen) stars actor (and former Manchester United star and English Football Hall of Famer) Eric Cantona as retired police captain Thomas Bareski. In the first four standalone episodes, Bareski is on a personal mission to solve cases either too vexing for the local authorities, or ones that have long gone cold. He criss-crosses France in his van, which he both lives out of and looks like he lives out of, to fulfill his mission. (Shades of Christian Kohlund’s Thomas Borchert in Money Murder Zurich!) He lives off the land, foraging food and fishing for sustenance. (He does own a cell phone, but often pretends he doesn’t.) Bareski’s scruffy appearances are frequently juxtaposed with clean and well-dressed local police detectives, who don’t take kindly to this disheveled stranger moving in on their investigations. But Bareski has an ace card – a guardian angel high up in the Ministry of Justice who looks out for him from afar, one whose whispered name opens all kinds of doors. Once he’s got a foot in, Bareski’s undeniable knack for picking up a suspect’s trail overcomes any remaining local police resistance. Not exactly a knight in shining armor with his cold-as-ice approach, Bareski brings surprising comfort for families who have run out of places to turn for closure. Plus, the ladies love him. And he has a dog! Just saying.

the traveller first look pic
Eric Cantona in The Traveller

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